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The desire to go through your partner’s phone isn’t all negative.

Little Kid Disrupts his Sister’s YouTube Video in the Best Possible Way

A girl using her phone to record a song she was playing from inside her guitar is interrupted by her little brother. He deftly recovers her device and saves it from an untimely death.

The Most Important Reminder On My Phone

We all have the same 24 hours everyday. Prioritizing helps make each hour count.

How Smart Phones And Computers Are Killing Your Relationship

Are you master or slave when it comes to modern technology? Steven Lake explores the slippery slope of disconnection when always connected.


Sam Pittman considers the relationship between poetry and more prosaic forms of communication in this father-son poem.

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The Conversation

What begins as a simple nostalgic conversation turns into a much deeper emotional reconnection in RG Evans’s poem of male friendship.

Dear John: Is The Problem the Nude Neighbor? Or the Nosy Ones?

A sunbathing nude neighbor, a friend snooping through pictures, and a daughter meeting her mother’s new boyfriend.

Didn’t Ask? Don’t Share

Zach Stafford wants to remind you that the internet is like a phone, but with a speaker. That sext you send may live forever…and prompt others to take action.

Dear John: Getting Girlfriend’s Son Off The Couch

A sedentary son, a boyfriend planning an unpleasant vacation, and girlfriend who hangs up.

Across the Rooftop

#32: This story is about a penthouse.

Hear What Every Neighborhood Was Like 20 Years Ago from Any Payphone in Manhattan (Video)

Find out what was happening on any block in 1993.

Is It Me? Or Is It Tele-cutting?

Chris Edwards just coined the phrase “tele-cutting”. And he doesn’t like it in the least.

“I made a terrifying discovery: after 17 years of credit card abuse, my cards were full and I couldn’t juggle payments anymore.”

This is a comment by Black and Blue Man on the post “Open Thread: What Have You Bounced Back From?”

“Thanks for the article. Needed a little courage and tact before I called up my girlfriend.”

Justin Timothy, k-dawg, and br talk about breakups.

Komplicated Solutions: The Modern Man’s Utility Belt [@hannibaltabu]

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