What Men Can Learn from Photographer Bill Cinningham (1929-2016)

Quiet, unassuming, and always dedicated to the work, Bill Cunningham was the biggest name in Fashion and Fashion Photography for the past 60 years. We remember him.

What Happens When You Pose With a Perfect Stranger?

Photographer proves strangers are friends you haven’t met yet.

Dealing with My Depression Through the ‘Lens’ of Nature

Wasim Malakshy found help, hope, and clarity through photography.

The Power of Image to Shape Attitude: An Interview With Maegan Sundlie

Teenage photographer Maegan Sundlie focuses her lens on how the media packages women.

Solace zine: Photography Feeds the Homeless

A small community magazine tackles the homeless situation.

When a Man Sees Himself Through the Eyes of Others, it’s Astonishing

One man, six photographers, and six completely different visions.

Sensual Men: A Look at the Softer Side

Why is it so rare to see the soft, sensual, vulnerable side of a man? Whatever the reason, photographer Kat Reynolds is trying to change it.

A New Passion for An Old Craft

Jeff Bogle has a mantra with his own photography: Quality from passion. It’s why he admires men like Don Julio Gonzalez and the creation of legendary products. #donjulio #ad

Yes, You CAN Learn to Accept Love From Women

Albert Flynn DeSilver on allowing women to positively influence your life.

The Photographer as Travel Agent

Bad photographs are a corrupting influence upon the imagination. They tell us lies about the world—pernicious, photoshopped lies—which make the real world, the only one we ever really have, seem bland and boring by comparison.

What I Learned From Jumping Off a Bridge

Jenny Kanevsky’s father let her jump off a bridge teaching her that she could do anything

Seven Rules of Photographic Ethics, or, Don’t be ‘That Guy’

Opening an Instagram account doesn’t make you a photographer.

A Photographer On ‘Dad Bod’ And Body Image

Frustrated by “dad bod” and the body image issues she encounters in her work, Ashley King discusses what the ideal body should be.

Speaking OUT: Visualizing Queer Youth

Realistic depictions of queer youth are missing from the media. Photographer Rachelle Lee Smith is working to change that.

Beyond The Lens: Trouble in Toronto

Professional photographer, Vincent Pugliese, explains how a car accident, an all-day Greyhound bus ride, and the kindness of strangers proves a photographer’s life is never dull.

Beyond the Lens: Lounging At The BallPark

Professional photographer, Vincent Pugliese, shares his love of sports, one picture and one memory at a time.