The Photographer Knew the Actor’s Tears Were Real, And Had to Stop Shooting.


Photographer Jeremy Cowart was surprised when actor John Schneider asked for a different kind of photo. The reason he asked is even more surprising.

My Golden Hour


For Seth Burleigh the “golden hour” doesn’t begin until he is home with his new daughter.

Art Will Save the World, But it Might be the End of Me

Art Will Save the World Main- Steinmetz

A lover of the arts worries about the notion of his own children as starving artists.

An Open Letter to Photo Card Companies: LGBT Families Celebrate The Holidays, Too

An Open Letter to Photo Card Companies: LGBT Families Celebrate The Holidays, Too

Brent Almond issues a challenge to photo card companies: Stop ignoring modern families and feature more diverse relationships in your holiday advertising

Who’s In Your Top Five?


An excerpt from photographer Jason Landry’s new book of essays.

Searching for the Copper Salmon of O’Brian Creek

Alaska OBrian Creek 3 Dan Szczesny

An Alaskan side road takes Dan Szczesny to a local, and secret, fishing hotspot where the fish swim right into nets.

Switcheroo: A Confrontational Gender-Bending Experiment

Hana Pesut Wedding

Hana Pesut’s Switcheroo photos expose how gender and identity are defined by the clothing we choose to wear. Joanna Schroeder and her husband volunteer to participate in the experiment.

Getting Over Shame Through Nude Photography


Philip Werner helps men and women learn to love their own bodies.

A Straight Man’s Reasons for Loving Gay Bars


Brooklyn Photographer Chris Arnade shares five reasons why he prefers gay bars even though he’s straight.

School’s Out, Forever? Documenting School Closings Through Photos and Words.


A school shuts down and no one asks, “Where are those kids now and what are we doing for them?” Amanda Keller-Konya and Dennis Danziger document school closings through words and photos.

Jason Lee’s Fantastical Images of Childhood

Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 9.10.00 AM

Jason Lee isn’t your typical photographer… Or your typical dad. Joanna Schroeder chats with the artist behind the dazzling photos.

“Hi, Dad! Nice to See You!” The Ghost of My Father is Very Near.


JJ Vincent’s father died four years ago. But to JJ, there is still a very real part of his father here in the present.

Dear John: Daughter’s Nude Photos Not Welcome in Family Album


A daughter’s photography choices, a friend who wants credit for an idea, and a boyfriend who lied about a pot pipe.

One Picture Once a Year for the Rest of Your Life


Dad and daughter take the same picture every year in the same place to create enduring memories in this two-minute TED Talk

The Disposable Project: 9 Children, 100 Disposable Cameras


The Disposable Project is a volunteer-run charitable endeavors photo project based on the images produced by 9 children with 100 disposable cameras in Tanzania, in hopes of promoting the arts, education, and sustainability.

100 Words on Love: Love is a Streetlamp


Love is a burned calf your first girlfriend gets on the back of another guy’s motorcycle.