Life, the Photo-Op

photo op

Ira Israel watches how we are turning social gatherings into photo opportunities and wonders about the implications.

Dating Profile Must-Haves for the Discerning Gentlemen

Side view of smiling casual young couple working on computer in a bright office

Jen Doan says that these six tips will improve your online dating game ten-fold.

15 Real-Life LOL Photos That Depict Modern-Day Parenting


Serge Bielanko summarizes the beauty of having kids in 15 photos.

When You Add Real People Into Movie Posters… (Photos)


The results are Legendary in these photos created by Jaemy Choong.

This Guy Brings Cartoon Characters And Pop Culture Icons To Life With His iPhone (Photos)

Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 9.53.43 PM

Basically the coolest guy on Instagram.

Why I Don’t Want to See Jennifer Lawrence Naked

Why I Don't Want by finnppuccino

James Fell is fine with seeing women naked — but only when they have given him explicit permission to do so.

Now That I’m a Dad, My Photos and Videos are Priceless


Now that he has a family, Zach Rosenberg’s passion for photography is more important than ever. YesVideo can help him preserve his family’s memories forever.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Unleash Their ‘Spooky Tricks’ on Hermosa Beach


Groovie and Buzz are on their way to your town. Can they still get it done? Ask Anne-Marie Schiefer.

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen: NYC Tourists of the Year


Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen, BFFs for life.

Santa Ana’s Burgerama Festival: A Photo Essay


We sent Anne-Marie Shieffer and her camera to cover one of the coolest indie music festivals on the west coast. She came back with some rocking photos.

11 Students of Color Share Their Experiences Of Life At Oxford


Inspired by the powerful “I, too, am Harvard” campaign from earlier this month, Oxford’s students of colour explain the struggles they face on a daily basis. For more visit the “I, too, am Oxford” website.

6 Heartwarming Photos of Soldiers in Afghanistan Celebrating Christmas

AP Photo/Capt. Thomas Cieslak, U.S. Army

A Christmas away from home for those fighting in America’s longest war.

Dreams of Failure

barn, old, yellow, grass, fall, autum, harvest, seasonal,

Two dreams diverged along Ron Mattocks’ path, and he cannot help but ponder the difference.

350 Faces Fly By, and Gender is Almost a Blur. Almost. (Oh, Yeah and the Song Is Really Cool Too.)

Music Video

One of the coolest things about this is that as soon as you register someone’s gender, they change.

Big League Dads: Baseball, Fatherhood, and Skin Care


Dove Men+Care and Major League Baseball have teamed together to focus on fatherhood.

Does a Picture Really Last Longer?


Are we doing good deeds out of compassion, or a selfish need to prove something to other people with photographs?