Entrepreneurs Or Slaves?

Without “capital” most people do not have the basic security to be entrepreneurs and follow their dreams.

Social Media is a Big Fat Lie

“Don’t compare your insides to another person’s outsides” and 9 other 21st Century truisms by Juliette Adams.

A Heartbroken Father Reached Out to the Internet for Help and What He Got Back Was Inspiring

Following the death of his infant daughter, a father reached out online, looking for help with altering a picture, and received back a huge outpouring of kindness and support.

“What’s the point of replacing female models with everyday dudes?”

This comment by Steve on the post What Happens When You Replace the Women In Ads With Men

My Photoshopped Reality

Lena Dunham, Photoshop and how unrealistic beauty standards affect men too.

How To Run a Fantasy League: A Championship Season in Review

Hey, if you want your personal fantasy football brand to be represented by underdeveloped characters and implausible storylines, that’s on you.

38 Seconds to Photoshop a Woman

How perfect women bodies are created by publicists

Bear Pride

Friendly, diverse Bear culture includes geeks, men who dance ’round purses, men who like pie.

Photoshopping My Neck

William L. Walker has an ally against the inexorable march of time. It’s called Photoshop.

Viral Photo of Tyler Seguin Raises Big Questions

What does it say about our society when an apparently photo-shopped photo of the Bruins’ Tyler Seguin and his supposed groupies goes massively viral? Who does it harm?

The Before Body

(Hat tip to Sociological Images.) Below the cut, we have a fascinating video in which a man becomes both the “before” and the “after” body for a weight-loss, muscle-gain ad– within only a few hours. To get the after body, he lifts weights (to make his muscles more prominent), tans, sprays his body with PAM, takes the picture […]

“It’s all retouching.”

Folks, EVERY image is photoshopped.

Software: Adobe Photoshop Touch Comes To Tablets

The software giant squeezes its most powerful version yet into tablet computers.

Chasing Beauty: An Addict’s Memoir

Lisa Hickey was beautiful twice, and she hated herself for it.

Are You Implying Your Child Is Ugly?

Technology hasn’t quite reached the stage where the rich can assemble engineered genetics at a mall kiosk, but it’s catching up quietly, and the aftermath may be messier than ever.