How to Look Your Best the Morning After

How to Look by panacea81

Makeup artist Lauren Luke takes a moment to remind us there are things a brush, powder, and scarf should never be used to cover up.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Confessions of a Bad Father

Stormtrooper Dad

Kozo Hattori confesses his biggest failure (so far) as a father.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Spanking is Not the Problem

child crying

Is all this focus on physical abuse missing the point?

Enticement—the Feel-Good Stuff—Is Part of Abuse

Enticement by TEDx Talks

Kristin Carmichael explains how apologies, gifts, promises, and better behavior are not the end of abuse but part of the cycle that keeps victims trapped.

Hope Wins! An Ancient Lesson About Overcoming Fear

Hope Wins! An Ancient Lesson About Overcoming Fear Daniel Wehner:Flickr

How can we learn to nurture hope over fear?

The Man In The White Hat

white hat

Steven Downey talks about life, his wife, and working in a Woman’s Shelter.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Healing Mistakes

child discipline

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” ~Rumi (on parenting?) One morning when my older son was 6 year old, he would not get out of bed until 7:45–30 minutes before school started. Then he wouldn’t eat his eggs since he was distracted by his Pokemon cards, so I threw the cards […]

Whether Men Haze Bison or Humans, The Explanations Are Oddly Similar

hazing, bison, Montana

Haze (v): (1) Drive in a specific direction while on horseback; (2) Force to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks

Psychological Abuse is the First Warning: Run, Get Out

keys photo by dominicotine

A checklist of signs of psychological abuse as well as a list of the effects psychological abuse can have on the victim.

A Single Threat Of Violence


Dennis Milam Bensie discusses a relationship of a different time period, but an issue still very present in our current culture.

Men Too Are Victims of Domestic Violence


How to recognize domestic violence against men and what to do about it

You Can Be Stubborn and Struggle, or You Can Seek Help

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 3.18.10 PM

Curt Moyer explains how, before he sought therapy, he’d spent a lifetime pushing people away.

“Chris Brown is SUPPOSED to be convincing us beyond any shadow of a doubt that he will never do something like he did to Rihanna ever again.”


This is a comment by Grey Aiken on the post “Chris Brown’s Twitter Deactivated After Tweet War with Comedy Writer”.

The Power of the Personal in Politics


With our voices united we could turn stories from male survivors of childhood sexual abuse into action.

Boy P.O.W.


An abused boy with the courage of a prisoner of war.

“Until someone has experienced my horrors, no one has the right to tell me to forgive.”


This is a comment by W.R.R. on the post “Why Forgiving Others Makes Life Better For You”. Trigger warning: contains references to child sexual abuse and rape.