Things Men are Tired of Hearing About Their Bodies [video]


Just because we aren’t talking about it doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking it.

“My favorite makeup is the dirt covering a woman after a long day planting and weeding in the fields, or the grease from servicing a GE CF34 on a regional jet.”


This comment is by Nick, Mostly on the post “On Discussing Beauty”.

“Declarations like these are why guys who do have self-esteem issues are told they don’t matter.”


This is a comment by Danny on the comment of the day: “If a man KNOWS he is physically unattractive we focus other qualities instead of beating up our self-esteem.”

“If a man KNOWS he is physically unattractive we focus other qualities instead of beating up our self-esteem.”


This is a comment by Keith Kappel on the post “The Biggest Bulges of 2012: Packing a Double Standard”.

Keith asks, “Is the casual sex marketplace heavily biased against men?”


This is a comment by Keith, John, and John D on the post “On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays”.

“I wondered why rejection never triggers the self doubt in my female friends as it does my male friends.”


This is a comment by Steph and NaHa on the post “The Fourth Meditation On Blind Spots”.

“We expect to have sex like the pros, but not dunk a basketball like the pros and we’re fine with that.”

BasketBall - score

This is a comment by Jon D on the post “Real Life 40 Year-Old Virgin”.

Dear John: His Low Libido Is Bringing Her Down


This week Dear John addresses a low libido, a son’s discovery of porn, and a self-conscious, protective partner.

“Like it seems like most men here, I fear ‘aging’ more than Death itself.”


William Harryman, drood, and Jamie Parsons talk about their fears of growing old.

“Severe objectification is when you see someone as a collection of parts that only exist for your pleasure.”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the Comment of the Day: “Society wants dads to ‘step up’, but they are literally stomped down when they do.”

“I just think it’s a bloody miracle women think we’re sexy.”


This is a comment by Brian Levene on the post “I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It”.

Looks and Longterm Fidelity


In the second of a five-part series on love and relationships, Tom Matlack and author Laura Munson debate the question: How important is physical appearance to long-term fidelity?