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Even the Strongest by Kent Yoshimura

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Frisbee - 175 grams

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The Manly Charm of Shoveling Snow

Easter and Mount Washington April 2013 004

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“Straight men learned from gay men that physically affectionate, emotionally intimate friendships are not unmanly.”


These are comments by David May and Rick on the post “For The Love Of God, Please Stop Saying ‘Bromance'”.

“The kids that bullied me had no idea they’d play a part in 12 different suicide attempts. How could they?”


This is a comment by Mike Potter on the post “Should We Forgive Apologetic Bullies?”

“I think it’s playing off the ‘men look funny in womens’ clothing’ thing which is a big part of western society’s current gender disorder.”


These are comments by RMNZ, Random_Stranger, and wellokaythen on the post “What Would it Look Like if Gender Roles Were Reversed in Advertising? (Video)”.

How Unique are Your Physical Traits? (Video)


Learn to appreciate your rolled tongue, curly hair, or naturally absent wisdom teeth with this video from Buzzfeed.

“If a man KNOWS he is physically unattractive we focus other qualities instead of beating up our self-esteem.”


This is a comment by Keith Kappel on the post “The Biggest Bulges of 2012: Packing a Double Standard”.

“Why should the guy put in more effort (romance) to get what BOTH people want (sex and intimacy)?”


This is a comment by Tim & Jules on the post “The Appeal of ‘Bad Boys'”.

Keith asks, “Is the casual sex marketplace heavily biased against men?”


This is a comment by Keith, John, and John D on the post “On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays”.