I Fought The Laws Of Physics…And The Laws Won

CJ Kaplan helps his daughter study for her 10th grade Physics final and rediscovers why he became an English major.

Mutual Dreaming And Consciousness

Is sharing the same dream environment possible? Ross Walton discusses here.

Even Kate Winslet Knows Jack Didn’t Have to Die

‘Titanic’ left us brokenhearted, but why do we need someone to blame?

When You Realize That Religion Is Just Science with a Cool Story

This is the story of how I went hiking with God, lost him in the woods, and was rescued by a Physicist.

An Astronaut’s Take On Why We Need To Stop Being Cowards And Head To Mars

We spoke with legendary astronaut Walt Cunningham about fear and the potential of a manned expedition to Mars.

Are You Willing to Save the Universe?

What can you do to save the universe?

My Guest Spot on the Sparknotes Series Rocket Talk with Becky Ferreira!

When I was in New York, I had the opportunity to play the role of Galileo Galilei. Given that he is the Father of Modern Physics and one of the greatest scientists of all time, I think I did him justice with my sensitive, yet passionate portrayal.

Talking Tesla

Thomas Edison was a bully. That’s why you’ve barely heard of the hero of Rave’ Mehta’s new graphic novel, The Inventor: Nikola Tesla

“I remember when I was a young lad, my hero was Stephen Hawking.”

This is a comment by Jake on the post “Who Are Your Real-Life Heroes”.



Light Door

Light Door

House in My Neighborhood Early Morning

House in My Neighborhood Early Morning

Front Door

Front Door

Science: Quantum Levitation Makes Hovering In Mid Air Possible

Science fiction takes another step towards becoming science fact with new developments in this video.

Numerical Simulation + Physics + Persistence = 1 Awesome Basketball Shot.

Wired Magazine’s Rhett Allaine is investigating amazing basketball shots found on YouTube. He takes into account things like the launch position, the ratio of standard deviation, the launch angle (of both left and right hands), and launch speed. The resulting data is thorough and scientifically sound. …but at the end of the day, videos like […]