Mothers Day & Piers Morgan: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 62

Mothers Day is here again, and Piers Morgan has some choice words about Dad’s.

Actually, Piers, We DO Want Extended Paternity Leave

After the notorious television host’s comments about Fatherhood, Dads on Twitter (and all over the world) responded.

5 Reasons Piers Morgan is Dead Wrong About Shia LaBeouf

Christopher Anderson explains everything you need to know in order to support men who have been raped by women.

The Growing Pains of Being a Transgender Ally

Niki Fritz on some of the basics she needed to learn before she could truly be an ally to the trans community.

Who is Piers Morgan and Why Does He Matter?

JJ Vincent looks at why what one CNN host says matters to the GLBT community.

Should Pot Be Legalized? (Video)

Finally, a sensible debate on the legalization of pot

Do Something: Human Trafficking & the Bystander Effect

Photographer Nannette Ricaforte on why she fights against human trafficking.

You’ll Need 100K Signatures to Get Your AT-AT Petition Into the White House

More bad news from the White House: You will now need 100,000 signatures to have your We The People campaign considered.

NRA, Slavery, Cigarettes, Guns, Lincoln, Mad Men, Cloud Atlas & the Evil of the Assault Weapon Industry

In this incarnation of the strong against the weak, it’s a maniac with an assault rifle versus school children.

Why Are Some People Calling For Piers Morgan to Be Deported?

Petitions both for and against deporting the controversial talk show host are raising questions about who the U.S. Constitution applies to.

People Kill People. Okay, But Why?

Cameron Conaway goes beyond the clichés to discover why we gun each other down.

Oscar Pissed-orius

Cameron Conaway wonders: How can a guy who pushed the boundaries of moral fairness so far that they became unfair to others possibly complain about unfairness?

Video: Matt Lauer Talks about Infamous Tom Cruise Interview

Jamie Reidy comments on Matt Lauer’s recollection of his infamous Today show interview with Tom Cruise.

It’s Good to Be A Rock Star: Gregg Allman to Marry 24-year Old

Jamie Reidy comments on 64-year old rocker Gregg Allman’s upcoming marriage to a 24-year old.

Should the Dalai Lama Speak Out About Self-Immolation?

Cameron Conaway explains the thoughtfulness behind the Dalai Lama’s controversial “No answer” answer.

Honestly Kirk, You’re Not Being That Honest

Mark Radcliffe asserts that Kirk Cameron’s “honesty” defense doesn’t make his homophobic statements excusable.