Are You the Pilot of Your Own Ship?

Allowing someone else into my wheelhouse, to pilot my ship, was never going to make me successful.

The Night I Killed a Baby: Another Christmas in Afghanistan

Sometimes, when you least expect it, your life can completely change.

Man Goes To 200ft To Get A Tan – And Drone Spots Him Doing So

A drone pilot taking a look at a giant wind turbine was startled to find a man sunbathing on the top of it.

A Hero Is Created in a Split-Second—But Only With the Wisdom of a Lifetime

Captain Chelsey Sullenberger is Breaking Barriers: From the United States Air Force to the Miracle on the Hudson to Making our Future Safer.

“He would have been 102 today. He started flying biplanes for the Army Air Corps in 1939.”

A photo, a glimpse at the past, for Veteran’s Day.

Kids Can Now Pilot Their Own Mech

This clearly puts Power Wheels to shame.

TV: @TracieThoms Says, “Wonder Woman Isn’t Vulgar” in SFW Pilot Footage

Check in for clips from the stillborn live action series and make your own judgement.

Technology: Kids Can Now Pilot Their Own Mech

You don’t have to wait to grow up and run off to join the Robotechs, as a $22K robot mecha suit for kids exists now!

Pilot Holds Plane for Grieving Grandfather

It doesn’t quite balance the scales against this holiday’s groping extravaganza. But it’s a pretty good start.