A Gay Dad’s Lesson From His Son Regarding the Hobby Lobby Decision

Rob Watson’s son says, “Scream like a girl!”, and Dad realizes the wisdom in those words.

I’m Coming Out: My Son Loves Pink

Amy Sedlis is raising a “pink boy”, and hopes that one day people will not judge them based on his color and toy choices.

Little Pink Man

Cindy Gericke sees nothing wrong with her son wearing pink, but still worries about him out in the world.

My Daughter and the Pretty Please Moment

Jim Gray goes shopping with his 12 year old daughter. And it gives him insights into the politics of pink, the meaning of fashion, and what a father’s love looks like.

Pink: One Dad’s Journey from Denial to Acceptance

Kyle Wiley considers himself a modern dad, yet he still has hang ups from the more male chauvinistic era

Valentine’s Day Following a Breakup

Paul Markevicius ignores Valentine’s Day this time around. But he can’t ignore his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend at a Clapham Junction flower stall. Can he?

The Key to Exercise: Shamelessness

Free yourself from shame over your body or your taste in music. Noah Brand shares his exercise playlist.

What’s So Bad About Pink?

When, exactly, did we all agree that pink is girly and girly is horrible?

NYT: The Unrelenting Pink of Girl Toys Is Fading As Dads Do Their Part

An inch at a time, the stark gendering of kids’ toys is loosening, and a new article talks about why.

What a Guy Learned From Going to a Breast Cancer Catwalk

These ladies know how to rock (and survive)!

“Why would a little girl need a pink fishing rod to like fishing? Haven’t we forced enough on our girls?”

This is a comment by Ric E on the post “Our words influence the way we look at the world. For example: calling pink a ‘girly’ color.”

“Our words influence the way we look at the world. For example: calling pink a ‘girly’ color.”

This is a comment by The_L on the post “Playing Hard to Get”.

“I purposely kept the gender unknown so my baby would NOT be pegged into a stereotype.”

This is a comment by alseeIT on the post “My Son Wears Pink, He’s Either Gay or a Girl Right?“ “”Since I had my son, I could have told why the color/gender divide exists. My own mother pressed and pressed to find out the sex so she could buy ‘the right clothes’. She recently commented on how […]

P!nk: Lady Warrior, Femmephobe

Femmephobia is a trouble that I look on with no small amount of sympathy. In this lovely article from No Seriously, What AboutTeh Menz? Ozy Frantz discusses how, when zie was in high school, zie was a “Cool Chick.” Zie mocked other girls for their stereotypically feminine presentation and behavior and “adopt[ed] male gender norms […]

The Long Road to Pride

From “Gays for Ford” to the 1979 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, Kile Ozier makes a lifetime journey to Pride.

Santorum On Balls

Occasionally Rick Santorum says things. Whenever he says things, I choose to believe that he is a troll candidate put forward by Anonymous, because it is basically impossible to believe that such a sex-negative, homophobic, racist, sexist, science-hating asshole is running for president in the twenty-first century. Asimov would cry. Recently, on his quest to […]