What Made This One So Popular?

Theresa Byrne deconstructs a wildly popular meme.

7 Proven Ways To Stay Calm When Your Ex Loves A Fight

They say people can’t drive you crazy unless you give them the keys. What if the keys are your kids?

My Son Doesn’t Need a Pinterest Mom

Little boys don’t really need picture perfect cupcakes, they do fine on mud pies and love.

How Smart Phones And Computers Are Killing Your Relationship

Are you master or slave when it comes to modern technology? Steven Lake explores the slippery slope of disconnection when always connected.

3 Shortcuts to Become a Social Media Catastrophe

TweetAgramKatErestBook… you don’t want to do that crap anymore. You want to be the anti-viral of the webs. Here you go. 3 #shortcuts to become a social media catastrophe…

This Guy Tried to Make Pinterest Valentine’s Day Cards, and it Kinda Changed His Life

This is a world where I looked a man in the eyes and the words, “Where are your sequins?” tumbled from my lips

Guys Turning to Pinterest for Travel Inspiration

Whether it’s finding the best place to get mouth-watering burgers, or planning a back-to-basics camping expedition with the guys, Pinterest delivers all the tools for you to plot your travel.

Pinterest “Hunk Boards” and Male Objectification

Oliver Lee Bateman considers the weighty implications of Pinterest “hunk boards.”

Dark Hair = Masculinity

Cameron Conaway on the taking and making of modern masculinity

The Short Happy Virtual Life of My ‘Friend’ Bob

What would a biography look like if it was comprised solely of social network updates? Doug Bond asked himself this very question and the results are hilarious.

Male Bodies and Objectification

When women objectify men’s bodies, how does that affect our cultural concepts of desire and agency?

Whose Ad Is It Anyway?

Ken Goldstein follows an ad through the chain from advertiser to consumer, and wonders why Facebook is still targeting him with ads for French Maid Costumes.

Teens and Social Media: One Post Can Last a Lifetime

Jeff Bogle argues that teaching a kid how to use social media and its consequences is the responsibility of parents

This Is What It Looks Like to Moms When Dads Do This [Photo]

via Pinterest

What Masculinity Looks Like on Pinterest These Days

We’re just sharing what we see.

First, Let’s Kill All the Blue Screens

It could be me on my annual New Year’s rant against the electronic world getting all 19th century on your ass. But I don’t think so.