Comment of the Day:’ I don’t see a problem with men having plastic surgery’

Do men want to look better for themselves or because the media tells them they should?

Top Plastic Surgeries for Men

You can skip the gym and buy six-pack abs instead. But the less common ones might make you squirm. — In our never-ending quest to look good for others, more and more men are getting plastic surgery. Hair replacement and Botox are just the beginning. Stay tuned for bicep implants, scrotal ironing (ouch), voice-deepening surgery, […]

Dying Slowly No More — A Black Man’s Thank You to Kiese

For a man to live. Authentically and without shame. Is that too much to ask?

Joan Rivers: An Empowered Trailblazer

To use her own words, Joan Rivers “succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.”

Would You Have Changed Your Face If It Meant Not Being Bullied As a Kid?

There’s something wrong with a society where a child’s life could be significantly improved by altering their appearance, but the right or wrongness isn’t really the question here. Instead, I’m wondering if this was a practical, workable and available solution to you when you were a child, would you have taken it?

The Opportunities of Aging

The clock is ticking, but with it comes opportunities.

How Competition Among Women Reinforces Sexism

“We need to stop expecting other women to help us just because we’re women, too.”

They’re All Lying to You: Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore, Photoshop, PEDs, and the Paranoid Style in American Journalism

Want the “truth” about breaking news stories like Lance Armstrong’s PED confession and the Manti Te’o affair? Oliver Lee Bateman argues that there isn’t any to be discovered.

Tom Matlack on HuffPost Live: Women, Beauty and the New York Times

Tom Matlack joined a round table discussion of issues related to his controversial opinion piece.

Tom Matlack Talks to the New York Times About Women, Beautification, and Self-Esteem

Who are we to judge what someone else decides to do to her own face or body?

Never Stop Living

Does self-image ultimately determine how the body will perform?

So, About Those Uneven Balls

What would it take for you to have genital cosmetic surgery?

Walking Around Shirtless

Justin Cascio wants to know: Is it okay to show my scars?

Plastic Surgery: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore

More men are having liposuction, Botox injections, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures.

My Body Is a Temple

Kyle Carpenter’s body remains unaltered until he can embrace the permanence of the experience.

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman Now That I Am 50

James Elliot’s tastes have matured along with him. Here, he talks about what’s so sexy about women his own age.