Old Friends: Two Men Dare to Be Themselves

I look at him, after what for many is a lifetime, and we say, “Tell me your truth, share your love.”

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Has A Lot Of ‘Guy Friends’

How to not freak out about your girlfriend’s platonic male buds.

What Can Men Learn About Marriage from These Otters?

Sometimes it’s the little signs of affection that keep couples from drifting apart.

A Hug Felt

John Brier experiences platonic love through a hug, and happiness like he’s never felt, for the first time.

Call for Anonymous Submissions

In an effort to encourage more men to write, the Marriage Section formally annouces a call for anonymous submissions.

Rap Music as a Safe Space for Hetero-Masculine Love

That most masculine of subcultures, the world of hip hop, ironically provides an acceptable outlet for men to express platonic affection for one another: through rap lyrics.

Remembering Timmy

“Penny the pup is back home with me and the family. She is doing great. Me? I’m picking up more shit.”