To The Woman Who Let Her Daughters Play With Me


A strange man talking to two little girls isn’t necessarily something to be afraid of.

The Game I Played Growing Up in Philly

2-curb ball-daniel lobo-flickr

Reminiscing on the good ol’ days reminded me to always find time to play.

The Importance of Play

children playing-aaronHwarren-flickr

As an adult, it takes a little bit of work to get back into the mindset of play, but once you do, it can be an extremely fun and even therapeutic experience.

Advice to New Fathers: Get Down on the Floor

Napping good

Leonard Pitt, on simple moments.

Why The World Would Be Better If We All Followed My Daughter’s 10 Commandments of Play

Why I Love My Daughter’s Ten Commandments of Play

Tom Burns marvels at the profound truths hiding behind a kid-authored list of playground “rules”

“it is these exact market conditions that allow you to get away with paying workers what you do…so you can enjoy…your extra 20-30 hours of free time.”

work to live

This comment by Van on the post Do We Really Need to Work?

And Then I See Him Laughing—A Father’s Message Against Fear


So, forget about loss. The bleak conjuring of crushed bicycles or the cold loss of alienation. Whatever is coming is coming.

Are You Playing or Are You Dead?

Playing Flickr ingermaaike2

James Altucher realizes that you either play or you die, the choice is yours. And his.

Five Ways to Make the Most of Holiday Memories

Five Ways to Make the Most of Holiday Memories

Mike Reynolds looks back on his Christmas Morning and the five simple rules that helped him enjoy his holiday to the fullest.

Dylan Thomas, Retirement and the First Taste of Death


Live, damn it! Wolfgang Brolley on raging hard.

New Convos With My 2-Year-Old: Bath Time

convos with my 2-year-old, convos, 2, bath, matt clarke, david milchard

Bath time is “me time” for lots of people, and a 3-year-old is no different. Learn more!

5 Ways for Men to Take it Easy and Stress Out Less

relaxed man

Joe Rutland shares his antidotes to perfectionism, workaholism and the money grind.

Paternal Pauses: The Paradox of Parenting

father, child, dad, kid, baby, toddler, man

If we could really count the cost of parenting before we became parents, would we still make that decision? Brian Reinholz would.

A Time Lapse Video That Will Make You Want to Be a SAHD

dad at home

#Dad #Joy

Where the Games Have No Rules

Where the Games Have No Rules photo by fuzzcat

Nate Owens loves board games. And fortunately for him, so does his son.

Fatherhood: It’s Not Brain Surgery (Except, Of Course, When It Is)


Steve Murray has two sons. And he has all the normal hopes and fears of any father. Plus a few extra.