September 7- 13 Buy Xbox One. Choose a Game for free!

Alex Yarde contemplates trading up to XBox One on the eve of Bungies’s Destiny release.

Juggling Real and Online Life For Our Kids

In a world where we become more and more dependent on technology, Doug Zeigler tries find an equilibrium between the real and online worlds for his children.

I’m a Recovering Video Game Addict

Kevin Macku faces an addiction to something almost everyone indulges in at some point: video games.

Crafting Stories: an Interview with Charles Amis

Noah Brand talks game design and story theory with the creator of ​Artizens.

“But I Know It’s Not Real!” – Kids, Video Games and Guns

Samuel Sattin introduces a new generation to the latest in violent video games, and realizes that much has changed since the days of Zelda and Duck Hunt.

Gaming: First Skyrim Expansion Pack Announced [@akilshohen]

New vistas to explore in the popular console game are sure to delight its legions of fans.

Culture: Feds Want Ways To Hack Video Game Consoles [@akilshohen]

Johnny Law thinks there’s evidence in your console, and they wanna way to get it out!

Trailer: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Brings The Giant Robot Smackdown

The latest battle between Decepticons and Autobots heads for your console this fall.

Gaming: Darkstalkers 4 in the Works [@akilshohen]

Get your combo attacks ready for a return of the supernatural 2D fighting game.

Gaming: The Walking Dead Shambles Into Your Living Room [@akilshohen]

Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic is getting a lot more interactive and give you a chance to take down zombies.

Gaming: Dead or Alive 5 Adds A Guest From Virtua Fighter [@akilshohen]

When interviewed last week, Team Ninja studio head Yosuke Hayashi said the team would be interested in a crossover with Sega's Virtua Fighter.  We couldn't have imagined that we would actually be seeing the start of the collaboration this soon.  Dead or Alive 5 now joins the ranks of other fighting games with guests characters […]

Gaming: NBA Live is Resurrected [@akilshohen]

The classic basketball video game makes a triumphant return to your local screens.

Tech: UMD Passport for the Playstation Vita Denied for the US [@akilshohen]

  Looking forward to transferring your existing physical PSP game collection to the brand new Playstation Vita? Well look forward to pulling out the credit card to purchase those games again.  A Sony has announced that the PSP passport program for transferring PSP UMD purchases to digital files usable by the Playstation Vita won't be […]

Gaming: Lego Batman 2 Announced [@akilshohen]

The world’s finest are getting squared off in a new multiplatform adventure game, due out this summer.

Games: FIFA ’12 Brings The Awesome To PSP Vita [@kasadullah]

The sickest hand held soccer game EVER! Y’all need to check this out!

Gaming: Sony’s New Handheld Console Has Some Technical Challenges [#pspvita]

The Japanese release of Sony’s new flagship portable device seems to have run into some digital icebergs …