Juggling Real and Online Life For Our Kids


In a world where we become more and more dependent on technology, Doug Zeigler tries find an equilibrium between the real and online worlds for his children.

I’m a Recovering Video Game Addict

Video Game Controller

Kevin Macku faces an addiction to something almost everyone indulges in at some point: video games.

Crafting Stories: an Interview with Charles Amis


Noah Brand talks game design and story theory with the creator of ​Artizens.

“But I Know It’s Not Real!” – Kids, Video Games and Guns


Samuel Sattin introduces a new generation to the latest in violent video games, and realizes that much has changed since the days of Zelda and Duck Hunt.

Gaming: First Skyrim Expansion Pack Announced [@akilshohen]

New vistas to explore in the popular console game are sure to delight its legions of fans.

Culture: Feds Want Ways To Hack Video Game Consoles [@akilshohen]

Johnny Law thinks there’s evidence in your console, and they wanna way to get it out!

Trailer: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Brings The Giant Robot Smackdown

The latest battle between Decepticons and Autobots heads for your console this fall.

Gaming: Darkstalkers 4 in the Works [@akilshohen]

Get your combo attacks ready for a return of the supernatural 2D fighting game.

Gaming: The Walking Dead Shambles Into Your Living Room [@akilshohen]

Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic is getting a lot more interactive and give you a chance to take down zombies.

Gaming: Dead or Alive 5 Adds A Guest From Virtua Fighter [@akilshohen]

Tweet When interviewed last week, Team Ninja studio head Yosuke Hayashi said the team would be interested in a crossover with Sega's Virtua Fighter.  We couldn't have imagined that we would actually be seeing the start of the collaboration this soon.  Dead or Alive 5 now joins the ranks of other fighting games with guests […]

Gaming: NBA Live is Resurrected [@akilshohen]

The classic basketball video game makes a triumphant return to your local screens.

Tech: UMD Passport for the Playstation Vita Denied for the US [@akilshohen]

Tweet   Looking forward to transferring your existing physical PSP game collection to the brand new Playstation Vita? Well look forward to pulling out the credit card to purchase those games again.  A Sony has announced that the PSP passport program for transferring PSP UMD purchases to digital files usable by the Playstation Vita won't […]

Gaming: Lego Batman 2 Announced [@akilshohen]

The world’s finest are getting squared off in a new multiplatform adventure game, due out this summer.

Games: FIFA ’12 Brings The Awesome To PSP Vita [@kasadullah]

The sickest hand held soccer game EVER! Y’all need to check this out!

Gaming: Sony’s New Handheld Console Has Some Technical Challenges [#pspvita]

The Japanese release of Sony’s new flagship portable device seems to have run into some digital icebergs …

Gaming: An Early Present from Batman: Arkham City

During the night, a psychopath dressed like a flying rodent came down the digital chimney with presents for everybody! Yay!