Proposing This Valentine’s Day? Drew Seeley Has 5 Tips

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What goes into a great proposal? Caleb Bacons sits down with recently-engaged Drew Seeley for some pro tips.

Adam Carolla’s Best Advice

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Caleb Bacon sits down with Adam Carolla and gets some unexpected advice.

Our Dining Room Forum

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Family traditions can happen anywhere. B.K. Mullen’s started at the table.

Love Outlasts Loss, Benji + Heidi


Imagine how it would feel to have the most important person in your life suddenly torn away from you without explanation.

The Emasculation of Men


Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast explores the concept and possible causes of the “emasculation of men.”

What Do Today’s Black Men REALLY Think About Marriage?

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Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast explores marriage from the perspective of black men.

George Zimmerman is Not Guilty. What Next?


Dr. Vibe covers the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict.

The Emotional IQ of a Man


Dr. Vibe and Co. discuss the emotional intelligence of men

2013: The Half-Year in Review

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MTV Road Rules alum Susie Meister and history professor/GMP blogger Oliver Lee Bateman recap the half-year that was.

Iron Man 3: The Upgrade Yourself Review Series


Dr. Vibe uses Iron Man 3 to take a glimpse into modern manhood

7 Habits of Stylish People

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Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast explores manhood and style

12 Reasons Why Good Black Men are Single


Dr. Vibe asks: Why are so many good Black men still single?

Are Some Men Intimidated by Strong Women?


Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast asks: Are guys afraid of strong ladies? If so, why?

The Meister Piece: “Everybody Loves Raymond” Creator Phil Rosenthal


Former MTV “Road Rules” star Susie Meister talks with “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator Phil Rosenthal about sitcoms, food, and family life.

Tony Campolo Is The Sexy Bald Man Leading the Red Letter Revolution


Tony Campolo discusses aspects of the book he co-authored with Shane Claiborne, “Red Letter Revolution.”

This Spiritual Novelist Has Sold More Than 18 Million Books … And You’ve Probably Never Heard of Him. Or Have You?

William Paul Young / photo by Bobby Downes

Listen in on a fascinating conversation with William Paul Young, the author of best-seller “The Shack” and the new book “Crossroads.”