Ode to My Son on His 23rd Birthday

A sliver of light beneath the door.

Pyro, a Man’s Painful Memory

When being together brings back memories too painful to bear.

You Made me a Survivor, so Thank you, Daddy

You told us you were sorry, then the next day you hit us again if we asked you why we couldn’t get out of our room

On Grief & Healing

Rob Gibson and the feeling of perpetual goodbyes.

A Millennial Love Letter—There is Hope For Us Yet

Here is a Millennial baring his soul in a most vulnerable and poetic way…

Dads & Families Weekend Roundup: Oct. 28 – Nov. 1

It’s the weekend! Enjoy a quick look back at all of the awesome we packed into one little week!

Inspiration Wanes

A geese family, two youngsters, and a flute help revive Spoon Jackson’s inspiration.

How to Do Things with Words: Poems by Matt Hart

And with one look back, / as if to say, Is it okay to go in now? / or maybe to declare it, Yes!

Bad Luck Ends the World: Poems by Seth Abramson

Boys toeing candied heads / beneath their boots, / rolling them back one step on the macadam / and then forward. Back two steps / and then forward. You grinning Apocalypse, / all this is yours

If Lightning Loved Me: 3 Poems by Bob Hicok

“Pilgrimage”, “Once again the world has dreamed me”, and “The middle class: a fairy tale”

Today I Turn to Stretch Armstrong for Comfort: Poems by Julianna Baggott

Three poems by renowned poet and author of 19 books.

I Will Not Die [Poem]

Denial is the first stage of grief.

“More men need to read great poetry and share it with their sons.”

This is a comment by Phil on the post “A Modern Day Hero’s Journey Is What Today’s Boy Needs to Become a Man”.

“When he sees Ivan in a future that can’t exist, he has a beard. That detail makes my heart hurt.”

This is a comment by Jesse Stoner on the post “I <3 My Family: Poems by Kids”.

“You can’t ask a kid to juxtapose Duke Ellington with Lil’ Wayne; he did that on his own.”

This is a comment by Jesse Stoner on the post “Who I Am: Poems by Kids”.

No Ducat, No Penny

No Ducat, No Penny   I shall eat nothing but Bananas today and pumpkin pie from Trader Joe’s and the sky beyond the Hilton across The street tells me such is so All the old American movies (Turner Classics) are about tension love and the Women are more tempting more powerful than Women today.  They, […]