Want to Get Thousands of Clicks on Your Article?

Make a list, forget literature, and abandon the craft of the word-smith. After that, can there be justice for literature?

Looking for a Few Good Men

Poetry editor Charlie Bondhus reflects on what it means to be gay, a poet, and an editor, and what all this means in terms of the Good Men Project’s mission.

I Am a Man

When someone says those four words—I am a man—what does it mean? You’ll probably agree with Scott Heydt…more than once.

Documentary About Poet Jimmy Santiago Baca: Kickstarter Campaign

“A Place to Stand” is the authorized story of Jimmy Santiago Baca’s transformation from an illiterate convict to an award-winning poet and novelist.

Man-to-Man with Poet Joshua Robbins

In an engaging interview with Win Bassett, multiple award-winning poet Joshua Robbins talks poetry, parenthood, and how a good man is hard to define.

Inspiration Wanes

A geese family, two youngsters, and a flute help revive Spoon Jackson’s inspiration.

Seamus Heaney (1939-2013): ‘If You Have the Words, There’s Always a Chance That You’ll Find the Way.’

A tribute to Seamus Heaney—whose words helped Jesse Kornbluth finish his novel and countless others learn to love and live.

Unnatural Desert: The End of Arts-in-Corrections

Spoon Jackson gives a glimpse into daily prison life and asks, “How can we heal without the arts?”

AFP: Chile Exhumes Remains of Nobel Poet Neruda

Experts started work on opening the tomb of Chilean Nobel prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda, to uncover his remains and determine if he died of cancer or was poisoned.

Prioritizing Time and Money

“Ten years ago, I turned my head for a moment and it became my life.”

I Am a Highly Sensitive Man

Although being a highly sensitive person is equally common among women and men, being a sensitive man remains misunderstood.

Diary of a Gay Skinhead

Brotherhood means answering when your friend has the courage to ask. A excerpt from Pedro Serrano’s book, Pride—Diary of a Gay Skinhead, in the Men and Suicide series.

Beginning a Dialogue on Death

Coach Cj Swaby’s fight against grief.

Taylor Mali Performs ‘Miracle Workers’

“Education is the miracle. I’m just the worker. I’m a teacher. And that’s what we do.”

Respect: Happy Birthday Maya Angelou [@DrMayaAngelou]

Today’s the 84th birthday of the literary icon, and we stop to pay tribute.

On Being Straight: A Thought Experiment

Robert Peake knows he is straight. Why would that be hard to accept?