First Hispanic Poet Laureate: Juan Felipe Herrera


Could this signal a new direction for US literature.

essex, jordan, and the old black man

Jonathan Chase1

Luther Hughes draws together the writings of Essex Hemphill and a chance encounter on the subway to say something about love, sex, and the lives of “black boys.”

The Art Of Conversation

Conversation is about stories, and treating those stories as the precious gifts they are.

A Boy Who Could See Only Purple


Through intense, lyrical images, Dean Kostos presents the early life of an intense, lyrical boy.

Goodnight Moon


Equal parts lullaby and elegy, James Arthur’s poem is for children present and past.

Elegy in Name Only

Elegy by Gerald Pereira

Ina Chadwick invokes her father through the dance of memory.

Feminine Side


Shane Allison explores and celebrates a particular version of femininity in this confessional poem.

Two Seconds


Kris Bigalk creates eros in few words and a simple gesture.



R.G. Evans takes a sobering look at a failed marriage and a man’s attempt to do right by his daughter.

The House After She’s Gone


Lynn Marie Houston brings us one man’s moment of vulnerability and one woman’s responding compassion.

The Hidden Power of Art


Jonathan Delavan discusses the reasons why art holds such powerful sway over us and is thus a powerful key to one’s personal growth.



Heid E. Erdrich shows us the inner life of a devoted husband and father.



Philip Clark recalls a combative father, and the unintended lessons he learned about men and love.

Sonnet (Unrhymed)


David Bergman conveys the joy of a long-term relationship in this variation on the sonnet form.

Upon Hearing that My Grandfather Would Like to See More Tears


Brian Baumgart goes to a darkly reflective and emotionally honest place in this poem.

Letters to My Son A Spoken Word


Walter Royster Shares Heartfelt Message All Sons Deserve to Hear