Toaster has a Dream About this Twilight Zone Episode

I see him fall like a sunflower being picked.

Children Love the Dumps

Much can be learned from detritus. For Stephen Scott Whitaker, the dump is where children can “study the worst of us.”

Serenade Me

His words are more precious than gold.


In search of him…

The Man Who Sought Asylum

Home is just one of the things a refugee loses in David Bergman’s moving poem.

Poetry as Practice in the Preservation of Life

Creativity can be a support for men when their life starts to fall apart.

Our Voices Are Poetry

Landon Ayres watches his undergraduate students reveal themselves in some of the most powerful ways.

Sleeping Apart

Much is hinted at in Robert Carr’s intense, imagistic poem.

A is for Affections for Girl Cookie Monster: Eric Sirota – “Cookie Monster” (Great Plains 2015)

Overly analytical Cookie Monster is neurotic about his affections for girl cookie monster.

Gender Issue

Diane Lockward explores one man’s desire to transcend gender boundaries.

G. Yamazawa Comes to The Bridge

I imagine that speaking English is like climbing a barbed-wire fence.


English poet Anne Lawrence Bradshaw reflects on her grandfather’s World War II service and its impact on her father.

Tow Truck Driver in Oz

Worlds collide when a blue collar guy winds up in the mystical land of Oz in this poem from Sarah Ann Winn.

My Wife Becomes A Mirror And I See Myself

Steven Lake sees himself through his wife’s eyes, and it’s not a pretty picture — it’s hysterical.


Ed Madden juxtaposes gender, race, and paint samples in this surprising prose poem.

Carved in Mayhem

Carved in Mayhem is the poetic depiction of one man’s unique journey. It is the picture when the forces of nature that surround one, collide with an opposing resistance of the human spirit.