How to Teach Children About Desire


Stephen Scott Whitaker raises the uncomfortable yet important subject of one’s children’s burgeoning sexuality.

Body Language


Kenny Fries recounts an intimate moment, at the intersection of memory and vulnerability.

‘Cherry Spoon Bridge to Nowhere’ Slam Poet Guante


Award winning spoken word poet Guante on race, privilege, art and Minneapolis.

Mozart in the Morning


Writer and teacher Jane Wohl tries to come to terms with the Boston Marathon Bombing in this elegaic poem.

Accident at the Vitamin Factory, 1976


An injured man is forced to reassess his relationship to family and work in this moving poem from Jia Oak Baker.

Nowhere to Go

Gay shopping

Allen Fraser Clark captures the frustration and desire of young men, eager for sexual expression and frightened by it.

Listen to The Mountain Storksbill

mountain storkbill

A man in a moment in nature can perceive amazing things if he opens himself.

Unspoken at JFK

RSO&I/FE '07'

David Eye offers a moment of horror and a moment of beauty at the airport.

letters to langston #37


Luther Hughes brings together the Harlem Renaissance and contemporary pop/R&B, introducing Langston Hughes to Beyoncé.

I Wish I Could Show You What I See

deserted church

There is wonder and beauty still left in this world if you know how and where to look.

Mater, Maritatus


Dakota Garilli writes of boys, their mothers, and “how we learn /of love.”

No Elegies for Porn Stars

Seen at the scene

Dean Kostos’s newest book, This is Not a Skyscraper, contains many gems. This reflection on a porn watcher’s sense of entitlement to the attention of a neighborhood porn star–“earned by years of yearning”–is one such standout.



L. Lamar Wilson illustrates the challenging intersection of childhood, homophobia, and race.

Frankenstein’s Monster


James Arthur reimagines the classic monster as a fashionable Manhattanite.



Jan Clausen’s remembrance of her father reminds us that memory is complex and grief is never linear.



Kris Bigalk demonstrates how potent one simple metaphor can be.