Stones and Stars


Kris Bigalk moves from the earthbound to the cosmic in this devastatingly beautiful lyric poem.

A Minor History of Brooklyn

VIETNAM - OCTOBER 10:  A nattily dressed young couple zip down the road on a motor scooter, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  (Photo by Wilbur E. Garrett/National Geographic/Getty Images)

Tina Cane performs a sleight-of-hand in this quirky poem, gliding between Brooklyn, France, and two different kinds of relationships.

What Happens When We Try to Speak for Others? Watch “Lost Voices”, Brilliant Spoken Word Video


“Movements are driven by passion. Not by asserting yourself dominant by a world that already puts you there.”

“Wanting A Dead Man”


Watch Sam Sax take on loving a dead man in this incredibly powerful poem.

Poetry — Best of the Net Nominations 2015


Poetry Editor Charlie Bondhus has nominated the following six poems for Sundress Press’s 2015 “Best of the Net” awards. Read and enjoy!

The Octogenarian Asks the Feminist Sex Educator


Alice Isak raises important questions about consent and what it actually looks like and means.

Beating Depression, One Breath, One Step, One Moment, One Feeling

When all is lost, making the choice for “just one more” can make all the difference.



This companion piece to her earlier-published poem, “Shepherd,” finds Heid E. Erdrich again using the lyric to explore–and question–marital devotion.

Season of Renewal


After the storm, Jenifer DeBellis inhabits a quiet yet intense moment of satisfaction.

High School Poetry Series: Gender, Identity, and Race — Jazmyn Alexander


“This gotta end, where do we begin? Rest in peace… Tray, Eric, Mike, and all black men.”

Driving the Beast Away


R.G. Evans offers a poignant meditation on manhood, aging, and libido.



Helen Wing’s poem is bleak, but probably accurate.

High School Poetry Series: Gender, Identity, and Race — A’bria Robinson


“Boys disrespect me…If I never let them get it…They ask how much do you love me…But to them I’m nothing…I’m nothing but my body.”

“I Have Never Called Myself Survivor. Survivor Implies I Fought”

Screen shot 2015-07-28 at 7.59.45 PM

Saidu Tejan-Thomas on sexual assault as a young boy.

Viewing Vintage Porn


By turns wistful, by turns puckish, David Bergman’s tribute to gay adult film of yesteryear is a fun twist on the language of nostalgia.

Stars–They’re Just Like Us


Shevaun Brannigan uses a familiar image in a fresh, stunning, sustained way.