Self-Portrait with Boxer

A man works on making peace with the memory of his boxing uncle in this poem from Guillermo Filice Castro.

Evening Therapy

Joshua Martin sheds light on the casual yet essentials ways by which men support each other.

Every Breath Khary Jackson Takes Twists Your Heart

“I watched you try to stop this wagon with nothing but your will.”

TV Guide

A 1960s queer boy finds solace in television in Jim Elledge’s poem.

We are the World Changers – We ‘Pressors of On’

The value of a person. The value of a poem. The value of pressing on — no matter what.

Counter Clockwise

Telaina Eriksen recalls the surreal, backwards feeling that many of us felt on 9/11.

I am the Sun: Who are you?

Jayvon Murray writes lines and in his free time he spins the sun into his DNA.

Chimney Swifts

Seldom does one see a coming-of-age story as stark and as inventive as Marc Frazier’s award-winning poem.

To Control this Black Rage is a Lie

“I was the one who had to unlearn the fight.”

Letter to My Daughter

Joy Ladin captures both a parent’s love and a sense of deep loss in this villanelle.

I am an Only Child

Experiencing loss as only a mother and son could.

Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones But Words Will Rock Your World

Is the beauty and power of words lost in the way language is taught? For me it was until I found my voice.

Spat, with Birdseed

A husband comes to terms with an ending relationship in Lynn Marie Houston’s poem.

You Cannot Be A Man Without A Little Patience

Does it take patience to be a man today?

Self-Portrait as Mountain

Pepper Trail engages the mythic in this poem of life, death, and self-transformation.

How Have You Treated That Special Someone?

We all have that someone special in our lives, have we been treating that person the way they deserve?