Mark Twain, the Depth

Professor Bobkoff is not returning to campus this fall, but his daughter will never forget what he taught her.

“When internationally acclaimed artists can’t teach because they don’t have an MFA, what does that say about the state of education?”

This is a comment by Cameron Conaway on the post “The Wayward Crutch of Higher Education”.

How I Quit Writing

Fed up with rejection, Tim Stobierski quits writing, and discovers that there are some things you can’t stop doing without changing who you are.

Rosanne Cash Performs at Folsom State Prison

Forty years after the late musician Johnny Cash performed “Folsom Blues” in the Folsom Prison Library, his daughter returns and meets GMP poet Spoon Jackson.

The Next Life [Book Excerpt: 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: How My Brother Disappeared]

My brother Bret started the next life at forty, when he departed from this world by suicide.

The Circumcised Poet and Other Tales

No matter what has been cut away, what remains is whole.

Fears for Tears: Men and Vulnerability

Jeff Perera has a story that will make you weep.

Man-to-Man With Poet Joseph Millar

Cameron Conaway sits down with blue-collar poet Joseph Millar, who writes about the lives of “people with grease on their hands.”

Un-Defining Manhood

Men cling to bachelorhood as a defining chapter of their lives, but becoming a husband and father is much more personally defining than being single could ever be, writes Ryan W. Bradley.

The Poet as Archetype

The difference between being a male poet and being a gay man is that it has become increasingly acceptable to come out as gay.

Poetry by Kids

Writers form bonds with one another, beginning with the first words we read … and write. An introduction to the Poetry by Kids series on The Good Life.

Poetry: 5/26

Real men write poetry.

100 Thousand Poets for Change

Join The Good Men Project and Michael Rothenberg on September 24, 2011, for a global event: 100 Thousand Poets for Change.