Amid A Sea Of Violent Hate Crimes, Dallas Police Partner With Antigay Pastor

The plot thickens.

Why We Run #36: Because It Matters (A Spoken Word Poem, with Audio)

Kevin Wright’s poignant spoken word poem on race.

On the Police

Matthew Rozsa discusses the role of police in a democratic society. — As a progressive, I’ve found there is an argument that seems to be effective in debates with conservatives on law and order issues. What I’ll say is that police officers have an inherent civic responsibility to be responsive to the concerns of their […]

To the White Lady Who Called the Cops on my Black Husband

Molly Pennington is a white woman married to a black man who’s often profiled and harassed. Irrational fear of black men has to stop.

No More Angry Men With Guns, Please

Almost every moment in life has its own power equation.

How Can We Trust You?

As black men in America, how can we place any trust in the police?

The Police Have it Right

There’s simply too much stuff crossing our screens every waking moment of the day for us to check it all.

The Short Sordid Tale of Cop John

What do cases of police corruption tell us about our society’s problems in general?

How a Prison Education Saved me From a Lifetime Behind Bars

Education has the power to transform, and it’s time we put that power to work.

Chicago Police Shooting Data May Reveal New Ways to Reduce Deaths and Racial Disparity

Chicago responds to the injustice of the death of Laquan McDonald.