Affluenza: Plagued With the Complexion for the Protection


Those who are afflicted by it show no sense of urgency to be cured.

Climate Change: Why There’s No Time for Discrimination

climate change-andrew-flickr

You can’t shout a slur if you can’t breathe.

Why the Pope Should Come To Philly and Ignore Its Hierarchy


Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter and Pennsylvania’s Governor Corbett are the wrong faces for a plea of patronage from his holiness.

Lulu Quietly Changed Its App So It’s Opt-In for Dudes

photo by ucalno

Tweet   Guys fight back against objectification of men and invasion of privacy issues, Lulu changes its policy. — By: EJ Dickson When the dude-ranking app Lulu was released last year, it was met with more than a little bit of controversy. Because Lulu did not require a man’s consent for his profile to appear […]

What Paul Ryan Gets Wrong About Inner City Men


I agree with Paul Ryan, there’s a culture problem, but it’s his, not ours.

Feet Forward: What One Man is doing to Help Save the Planet

Hagins Sneakers

With research showing that the production of one pair of sneakers emits 30 pounds of carbon dioxide, one man urges consumers to kick the habit of new shoe hoarding & tossing.

One Man Faces His Fear and Asks for a Conversation on Race

Larry Swetman

Afraid his earnest plea will be taken in a negative way, activist Larry Swetman faces his fear and asks for an open dialogue on race.

Shift Responsibility on Stand Your Ground from Victim to Shooter

Stand Your Ground Sign

If a law based on perceived fear can be used as an excuse to murder, shouldn’t a substance test be issued immediately to the shooter to confirm they didn’t have an altered perception of reality?

The Politics of Addiction


Tweet While we’ve been fighting the War on Drugs, we’ve been leaving drug addicts behind. It’s time to change that. – When I was 21, my best friend died of a drug overdose. As far as his family and friends know, it was the first time he had tried heroin, although some of us knew […]

Condoms! Condoms Everywhere!

photo by paulk

Andrew Smiler applauds the American Association of Pediatrics’ recommendations that adolescents be taught to use condoms and that condoms be made more available to them.

South African Boy Inspires Philadelphia Woman to Pour Coffee


A 16-year-old boy in foster care is the inspiration behind an award-winning, Philadelphia-based social venture which helps bridge the gap between foster care and interdependence.

The Politics of Place-Making in Philadelphia

Anton and Isaiah

Discussing the idea to “Share Philly™,” BMe Brothers Anton Moore and Isaiah Thomas suggest the Mayor’s Office Establishes a Commission on Parks and Recreations

Facebook Cracks Down on Adult Content, Spares Playboy?

screen shot playboy

It is increasingly apparent that Facebook is not even bothering to explain itself, meting out severe punishments to users who honestly have no clue what is or is not acceptable anymore in Facebookland.

What the 2013 State of the Union Means for Men


Policy-heavy speech addresses several key issues for American men.

Control the Ammo, Not the Guns


Eric Sentell argues that regulating ammunition would be more effective—and acceptable to gun-owners—than regulating the guns themselves.

The AAP report on circumcision: Bad science + bad ethics = bad medicine


Brian Earp reviews the same data as the American Academy of Pediatrics and arrives at quite a different conclusion.