A Guy Like Me Isn’t Supposed to Learn This

Who Are You

We fear education because it transforms our identities.

President Obama Takes a Pay Cut to Be More Like You and Me… But Does It Matter?

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President Obama just announced a 5% pay cut for himself in solidarity with federal employees. But does it matter? And who is hurt most as a result of sequestration?

Ontario Makes History By Electing the First Openly Gay Premier in the Country

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Newly elected premier Kathleen Wynn said, “Believe it or not, this was the easy part.”

‘Was the President Wearing Bronzer?’ – Are You Kidding Me?!

Mr. President, you're looking a bit too tan for my liking!

Joanna Schroeder comments upon the media’s profound commitment to enforcing the gender binary.

You’ll Need 100K Signatures to Get Your AT-AT Petition Into the White House

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More bad news from the White House: You will now need 100,000 signatures to have your We The People campaign considered.

Settlement Gives Homosexual Vets All of Their Separation Benefits

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This decision represents a long-delayed justice to these veterans.

VAWA Dies in the House of Representatives

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While everyone was so focused on the fiscal cliff, the Violence Against Women Act was allowed to die silently alone in a corner.

John McCain Recommends the GOP Leave Abortion Alone

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What do you think the GOP needs to do to win back American support?

Poll: Should The Supreme Court Uphold Obamacare?

U.S. Supreme Court

“Ultimately, the Supreme Court will decide; however, I’m more intrigued by the Court of Public Opinion.”