When My 8-Year-Old Gay Son Taught His Class About Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk in 1978 at Mayor Moscone's Desk

“12 jurors swallowed the Twinkie defense and let a murderer off with a slap on the wrist, and 20 second graders saw right through it.” – Amelia

Infidelity and Powerful Men

Weiner-Abedin 2013_08_13 zennie62

What the Anthony Weiner scandal teaches us about cheating and power dynamics between the sexes in America.

Who Are You to Judge: Let Yourself Off the Hook.

Vatican Pope Easter

Neill O’Farrell believes we should take the simple phrase “who am I to judge” and use it as a mantra for better living.

Anthony Weiner: We’re Done, Go Home and Get a Life


Tsach Gilboa doesn’t care what Anthony Weiner does in his private life with his phone. He does care whether he serves the people as a politician.

Letter from the New GMP Politics Editors

Get in the know. Do your research. Make an informed decision now.

Often, when people say “politics” or “political,” they spit the words out like bitter pills. And, rightfully so.

Rhode Island Becomes 10th State in the US to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

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After 16-years of trying, advocates for same-sex marriage have finally won in the heavily Roman Catholic state of Rhode Island.

Faking It

Pope Benedict XVI

Who do you put your faith in, who might be faking their belief?

Laugh Along with Our Favorite 2012 Videos from Jon Stewart


Giggle along with the 10 best videos from our favorite Daily Show comedian.

The Plague


What do we owe our neighbors in times of crisis?

Beyond the Two-Party System


The two-party system has bottle-necked democracy. No wonder Chinese people laughed at Brandon Ferdig’s descriptions of American campaigning.

Video: You Magnificent Bastards!

Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 8.40.08 PM

Featuring some of America’s most fascinatingly unique elected officials, courtesy of Jon Stewart.

A Practical Guide to Bravery


Carl Pettit offers a taxonomy of bravery for the rest of us to emulate.

Male Leaders Need to Watch Their Body Language


Are there particular body language mistakes made by men? Are men naturally intimidating and stoic?

President Barack Obama on Being a Dad


Mr. President talks about his kids and what fatherhood means to him.

Father’s Day Fiction Special: Their Second Honeymoon

second honeymoon

In part two of the Moustache Club’s (Early) Father’s Day Fiction Special, Oliver Lee Bateman offers a short sketch of a couple planning their second honeymoon.

“Power is an aphrodisiac.”

photo by jdhancock

This comment is by Jon D. on the post “CNN Columnist Emails GMP to Clarify Male Stupidity.”