Voicing Your Preferences For a Mate

Voice pitch may seem like a superficial way of judging other human beings, but when it comes to prospective mates and public servants, it makes a big difference.

How We Created Donald Trump

Effectively self-centered, bombastic, offensive, brash, loud, crude, opinionated, misdirected, misinformed, arrogant, rude, racist, and misogynistic — is he our bi-product?

Cruz Control of U.S. Muslims

Why are politicians making a habit of treating citizens as “others?”

Who Politicized the Environment and Climate Change?

Looking back to a time when protecting our environment wasn’t a bipartisan issue, what went wrong?

‘Meritocracy’ as Propaganda Lie and False Assumption

This is America. We don’t redistribute wealth. You have to earn it!

Yes, Let’s have a Frank and Open Discussion About the Causes of Extremism and Terrorism

Everyone is sad and frustrated. So why aren’t we talking about it?

The Day After the Elections

While politicians claim to have all the answers, Jeff Oaks’s haunting poem is content simply to raise questions and evocations–and it is all the more satisfying for that.

Donald Trump Symbolizes a Long, Deep, Dark, Sordid History of Right Wing Masculinity

The rabid, unrestrained behavior of Trump is nothing new for the GOP, but will it succeed in taking him all the way, or will Republicans grow tired of his incessant rhetoric?

The Problem of Politics in the Age of the Actor

When I call 9-1-1 because my house is on fire, I expect real firefighters to show up, not actors playing dress-up. When I’m trying to make intelligent political choices about candidates, I expect to be hearing from a real person, not a paid actor.