What Explains Donald Trump? A Pie Chart Analysis

I’ve tooled around with ideas about why Trump just secured the 2016 Republican nomination, but since a graphic says at least 500 words, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a pie chart.

Immigration Reform Is All About The Republican

When it comes to passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill President Obama just doesn’t matter that much.

Why Americans Hate The Political Media

Sam Youngman’s piece in Politico on Washington shows many of the media pathologies that cause Americans to hate their political media and their politics.

Gang of Eight Set to File ‘Sweeping Immigration Plan’

The new legislation requires a secure border with Mexico before the other provisions of the bill, including the citizenship proposals, would go into effect.

Senate Votes to Allow Debate on Gun Control Bill

The bipartisan gun control bill passed its first hurdle, but the fight is just beginning.

A Big Week Ahead for Gun Control

There may be a bipartisan measure on background checks on the table after all.

Did Bill Maher Go Too Far in Calling Trump ‘Orangutan Spawn’?

Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher for the $5 million he claims Maher promised if he produced his birth certificate.

You’ll Need 100K Signatures to Get Your AT-AT Petition Into the White House

More bad news from the White House: You will now need 100,000 signatures to have your We The People campaign considered.

Pennsylvania Governor Sues NCAA Over Sandusky Sanctions

Governor Corbett believes the sanctions the N.C.A.A. handed down in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal were too harsh and missed the people they should be aiming for. He’s wrong.

John McCain Recommends the GOP Leave Abortion Alone

What do you think the GOP needs to do to win back American support?

Video: This Week’s News Through the Late Night TV Lens

Mitt Romney pumped his own gas in La Jolla and looked a little less than polished.

What Happened With the GOP’s Skinny-Dip in Israel and Why Does it Matter?

Was it the drinking, the skinny-dipping or the lavish trip to Israel funded by American Israel Education Foundation that has got everyone wondering what really happens on these “fact finding trips”?

Jamal Simmons on Being a Good Man in Politics

Andrew Cotto talks man-to-man with political analyst Jamal Simmons about the greatest social problems facing America, President Obama’s legacy, and what it takes to be a good man in politics.