Holding Feet to the Fire on Stop-and-Frisk

Mr. Jim Kenney’s parting words a year ago today foreshadowed tonight’s stop-and-frisk town hall in North Philadelphia.

Misery in Norway Makes For Great Binge Watching

Both “Wave” and “Occupied” are keeping viewers hooked and entranced with great plots and beautiful landscapes.

The Right’s Favorite Supreme Court Nominee Makes The Prospect Of A Republican Presidency Even Scarier

The GOP wants Ted Cruz’s only friend to be the next Supreme Court Justice. And any friend of Ted Cruz…

How Much Will You Risk to Stand Up for What You Believe in?

While big name celebrities get all the focus, lesser known celebrities like Greg Cope White are risking a lot more by taking the the same stand.

Reckonings: Christianne Boudreau

Reckonings episode #3 Christianne Boudreau: Mother of an ISIS militant.

What Gives You the Right to Discriminate?

Does the First Amendment really protect religious freedom laws?

Where Have 4.8 Million Syrian Refugees Gone?

The answer tells more than just where they ended up. It also tells us how they’re managing to survive.

Pope Francis Condemns Same-Sex Couples As Not Part Of God’s Plan

Just in case you were wondering, yes, the “cool” pope is still really grossed out by queers.

Bruce Springsteen Again Proves He’s The Boss, Cancels N. Carolina Show Over LGBT Discrimination

North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law is causing celebrities to take action against discrimination.

Friday Funday

I believe in weekends. Let’s give old fashioned fun times a roll.

Rural vs. Urban: Finding Common Ground in the Gun Control Debate

Trying to see both sides of the debate is necessary for our country to move forward.

Thank You, Donald Trump

The irony is, Trump’s done us a favor.

Of Music and Men: Economic Repercussions of Discrimination

Bruce Springsteen is standing for what he believes in by taking a stand in North Carolina.

Ivana Trump Has Nothing Against Mexicans As Long As They’re Cleaning Her House

Czechoslovakia native Ivana Trump agrees with her ex-hubby, GOP frontrunner Donald, on his problem with immigrants, according to an interview with New York Post.