Foreign Policy to #DemDebate: Thanks for the Spotlight

Foreign policy differences materialized under the spotlight at last night’s #DemDebate; and if you didn’t know who Henry Kissinger was before, you probably will now.

Foreign Policy to #DemDebate: Bring Me Back

One major issue that has been MIA in 2016 debates is foreign policy; but voters deserve to know how Democrats will confront the many international crises now threatening global security.

A Nation of Immigrants

Immigrant and native-born workers share a common destiny of starvation if the potentially liberating new technologies are left in the hands of the corporate ruling class.

Hey, Right Wing Guys: President Obama is Not the Problem. It’s Your Mindset

The fact is that since the dawn of the republic, we have always been a politically fractured nation.

Should Teachers Bring Politics Into the Classroom?

We pretend core subjects are dogma-free; they aren’t. Here’s the right approach for teachers of all political persuasions.

Police with Guns in High Schools

The presence of an armed officer changes the values taught and the atmosphere at school. At such a young age, students are learning to fear the police.

Your Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

Climate change is effecting you in more ways than you realize.

Your Personal High-Conflict Politician Scorecard

Use this tool to help elect politicians who stand up for reasonable points of view with the whole nation at heart.

Today’s Freedom Fighter, Tomorrow’s Tyrant?

We always think we’d be the hero or the good guy. But would we really?

Charlie Hebdo Reinforces the Very Racism it is Trying to Satirize

If people take you seriously, then it isn’t a joke.

Together, But at What Price? Anglican Ruling Against Same-Sex Marriage Marginalises US Church

After painful negotiations, leaders of the Anglican church have decided to “walk together” in spite of having deep differences on the subject of marriage.