When Politics Trumps Logic

Politics Trumps Logic

Candidates like to think ahead, but this takes ‘measuring the drapes’ to a whole new level.

Ronald Reagan – I Take the Good With The Bad

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Rich Monetti is a liberal who doesn’t hate Ronald Reagan, and here’s why.

Why Donald Trump is Not an Anomaly


A person with no governing experience and bigoted rhetoric should be a fringe candidate. Right?

Attacks against Bernie Sanders Have Reached New Depths


Warren Blumenfeld says critics who equate Bernie Sanders’ politics with those of the Nazis show a deeply offensive misunderstanding of history and politics.

Oliver Stone Discusses “Nixon” And “JFK” At The Jacob Burns Film Center

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Oliver Stone took to discussing his recent film, and how it shouldn’t be misinterpreted based on his intentions. Rich Monetti reviews, and weighs in here.

The Day I Watched the Confederate Flag Come Down

Watching the Confederate Flag come down

It required nine deaths, but Gaye Christmus hopes that the “chorus of quiet voices” will finally be heard.

The Japanese Version of Godzilla Is an “A” Movie with Bite


Rich Monetti says the comical, B-movie farce is actually a brilliant piece of political commentary.

Teachers on the Frontline Against Terror


What should schools do about radicalisation? From July 1, schools in the UK have a legal duty to prevent pupils being radicalised.

The Inevitable Fate of Zealots—How to Live Without Control


Marriage has always belonged to the people, which is why it was returned. It was always going to find its way back.

When You Need to Have Difficult Discussions at Work


In the wake of Charleston, TJ Trent says we don’t have to avoid difficult discussions at work.