Dear United (for the time being) Kingdom

Secession, trying to make a go of it as an independent country after decades of union with your neighbors,—these things really don’t turn out all that well in the end. Trust us, we know.

Why Donald Trump is Avoiding Philadelphia

Philadelphia isn’t known for being kind to Republicans and the City has shown little-to-no brotherly love towards Mr. Donald Trump.

What’s Scarier: Trump or The Brexit?

What is worse: Trump or Brexit?

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Vote

Turning our attention to substance and selecting a new President for the right reasons is nothing less than an act of patriotism.

The Last Days of a White Supremacist Nation

The systemic injustice of white supremacy is cracking and crumbling. But we’re throwing our energies into the wrong places, and Mike Sliwa explains how.

4 Ways Trump Has Already Helped America

I’ve written some pretty negative things about Trump in the past. This time, I have decided to focus on the positives of his campaign!

Does the Trump Just Need a Hug? (And Would It Change Anything?)

Does the Great Orange Hope Know How Despised He Is? Does it Matter?

Culture Shift Causes Culture Shock: Fear of the Unknown

If only we could learn to practice fairness, integrity and respect for one another.

Get the Message Clear, My Pride will Never Stop Marching

Mardi Gras: The full spectrum of the wonderful LGBTI rainbow on display

4 Children’s Book Characters Who Would Make Better Presidents Than Our Current Nominees

I don’t have the money or power to offer America better options for president, but I do maintain the ability to teach my son what effective leadership looks like.

Three Men and a Vote: EU Referendum is Turning into a Tory Boys’ Own Story

This campaign is not only about UK involvement in the EU but also about the future of the present British government.

A Call to Courage

#FeeltheBern & #NeverTrump have a shared interest: they both demand the American people be given something better than a choice between two unfit candidates for the most important job… in the world.

7 Tips to Talking Politics with Your Kids

The folks at Kiddie Academy offer their advice on talking your children through this media-saturated election cycle.

How to Easily Increase Your Net Worth by Millions or Billions

Don’t want to do the hard work required to grow a business empire from scratch? Learn this simple technique from a billionaire. Wealth creation…

Donald Trump for Commander of Pluto

Whatever planet Trump is on, we can safely say it’s probably not Earth.