What Political Issues Matter Most? (Poll of the Day)

What political, national, and personal issues matter the most to Good Men?

Poll: Are You More Likely to Buy Products from Companies that Support Gay Rights?

Take our poll on how brand activism affects brand loyalty.

Father’s Day Poll: Planters Asks, What Is Your Father’s Favorite Nut?

Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, anyone?

Poll: Men, Are You Working in Occupations Once Dominated by Women?

Nicole Johnson finds the phrase “pink collar jobs” ridiculous. Do you?

Poll: Should The Supreme Court Uphold Obamacare?

“Ultimately, the Supreme Court will decide; however, I’m more intrigued by the Court of Public Opinion.”

Poll: What Do Fans Think Of @Marvel’s #milesmorales [Ultimate Spider-Man]

What did Komplicated readers think of the introduction of a Puerto Rican web slinger? Find out here!

Poll Results: Aunt Viv’s The Worst Black TV Sitcom Retcon Ever [#blacknerds]

Our readers decided that one weirdo change was worse than any other. Which one? Find out!

Good Men—and Women—Weigh in on Promiscuity

The results are in: a qualitative analysis of the exclusive GMP survey on promiscuity.

A Dozen Questions for Men

Fatherhood, education, sexuality, war, crime, and redemption: 12 questions on the big topics for men everywhere to consider.

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Gay Families Now More Accepted Than Single Mothers

“Modern Family” and “The Kids Are All Right” are turning the spotlight on positive gay families. Could single moms use another “Erin Brockovich”?

How many dates until I tell someone about the blog?

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