The London Fog that Literally Kills

When pollution kills, what can you do?

A Tsunami of Change: What the Global Fossil Fuel Divestment Really Represents

What climate change means for big business.

Spotlight on Health and Climate Long Overdue

We can expect to see huge increases in Lyme disease, malaria, West Nile virus, and other potentially fatal diseases worldwide due to climate change, says Dr. Anthony Horton.

Wait and Pay: Action on Climate Change is Cheap, Delay is Costly

Economic studies on the costs of climate action share a common message: action on climate change is cheap, and delaying it will be costly.

What if the Earth Treated Us the Way We Treat The Earth?

Mother Earth gets revenge. And it’s not pretty.

One Last Hurrah Before We All Go Green

This Earth Day, Jeremy McKeen just wants one last consumption-heavy hurrah before we all go Green. Is that so much to ask?

Let’s Call it: 30 Years of Above Average Temperatures Means the Climate Has Changed

If you’re always above average, it’s probably time to redefine what’s normal. The new normal for Earth’s climate is systematically rising temperatures.

Save the Corals – What’s Beneath the Ocean?

If we continue to live as carelessly as we have, what we will have is a planet filled to the brim with trash.

How to Fight Pollution with Your Smartphone

Pollution effects us all. But we may be able to fix it, with something we use every day.

US-China Deal Shows All That Effort to Tackle Climate Change Might Actually be Worth It

Months of secret negotiations have paid off, as the world’s biggest polluters sign a landmark deal.

Want to Feed the World? Tackle Pollution From Ozone and Soot

Researchers in India have uncovered a direct link between air pollution and declining crop yields.

Like Contaminated Water? PA,NY,WV,OH, are States for You!

With water pollution, toxic waste and earthquakes as by- products of fracking, should we not concentrate on renewable and clean energy?

China’s Economic Explosion is Ravaging its Coastal Ecosystems

The speed and scale of China’s rapid economic growth has led to widespread degradation of its densely inhabited coastlines, according to an analysis of 60 years of social, economic and environmental data.

How This Old Man is Dying and Why You Should Care

Once a prominent world figure, Freeze-Pop™ is fading fast into the warming ocean.