How I Came to Be a Greenie

As I grow older, I’m actually becoming more of a greenie. I guess I finally realized: this earth is our home. And it’s the only one we get.

The Big Energy Sucker Sitting in Your Basement

Your clothes dryer is a huge waste of energy. So what’s the alternative?

REFUSE: The First Step to Zero Waste

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. When it comes to zero waste, the first step is to refuse all things that are not needed.

Men Who Care About the Environment Have got Something to Say

How are men changing the landscape of their community and beyond?

Trying to Recycle an Oil Rig

Oil rigs are built to withstand decades at sea – taking them apart is as tough as they are.

Excerpt from “Water es Vida”

What’s in your water?

The Denial of Climate Scientists and Experts

Climate change can’t be stopped or reversed. So why are climate scientists sounding so hopeful?

Air Not Fit to Breathe, Water Not Fit to Drink: America’s Pollution Problem

An Erin Brockovich sequal has real potential as America’s pollution problems escalate.

Your Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

Climate change is effecting you in more ways than you realize.

Part of Being Green is Loving those Bugs

Bugs aren’t pretty or popular, but like it or not they are incredibly important for our environment.

Tragic Footage of 150,000 Tires on Fire in Australia

150,000 tires went up in flames at a yard in Melbourne creating a cloud of smoke that could be seen for miles. Report by Sarah Duffy.

Drastic Measures Needed to Save Us From Ourselves

Latest OECD report indicates how much work is still required to save us (and the environment) from ourselves.

One in Every Four London School Students Exposed to Illegal Air Pollution Levels

Our major global cities are having some serious negative impacts on our children’s health.

Clean Energy and India’s Forward Momentum

India’s influence on global energy trends in the next 25 years will be significant.

Why Delhi is the Perfect Air Pollution Case Study

As we start taking steps forward in environmental research, Delhi is a great country to place our focus.

The London Fog that Literally Kills

When pollution kills, what can you do?