How We Say Sex

Are we portraying good sex with bad imagery?

15 Great Foods For Tailgating and Watching Sports

Games go better with good food.

Eat Low on the Hog: Braised Pork Foreleg and Belly

Justin Cascio and his husband eat low on the hog—hard-to-find fresh belly and foreleg roasts—for the most delectable pork ever.

Choosing Cuts of Meat For the Grill or Broiler

What kind of meat are you grilling this summer?

Ten things I've learned from Rob Ford

Gravy is a problem, but pork is quite alright. There is an important and critical distinction between paying lip service to participatory democracy and actually listening to constituents. If you hear without listening, and do what you were planning to do anyway, then what’s the point of town hall meetings? Luckily, the mayor is just […]

The Pork Queen

That’s right.  In October of 1984 I lost my virginity in a cornfield. Blogs are a lot like TV.  Seriously.  You have your great blog posts, which are like the season premier and holiday episodes.  You have your average blog posts, which are like the weekly episodes of your favorite show, and then you have […]