Male Allies Show Love Through Action at Portland Slutwalk 2015

Photographer and male ally, Jason Savage, captures images from Portland Slutwalk 2015 in this insightful photo essay.

Portland Maine, Where 9-11 Began

9/11 hits closer to home for Andy Schulkind than he thought. Here’s how. #NeverForget

The People Vs. Shell: The Patron Saints of Hope and Last Chances

Climate change, arctic drilling, and direct action protest. James Blakely is an avid outdoorsman who wants you to care about the environment too.

86’d — A Cautionary Tale

Ever been kicked out of a bar? Jarad Dewing has, and he wants to hear your stories as well.

Nature’s Elegant Geometry: Signs of God?

Do you see miracles or coincidences?

Be Ready to Be Changed

We’re surrounded by beauty all of the time. Sometimes we just need a little help seeing it.

Oregon High School Creates Unisex Bathrooms For Transgender Students

The move is a first in the district and relatively uncommon nationwide.

How Do You Move a 1,100 Ton Bridge? [Video]

A rickety bridge in Portland is finally being replaced with some engineering magic.

When Radical Welcome Gets Messy

What happens in our faith communities when someone comes who seems to be suffering from untreated schizophrenia? Or how about when they become verbally abusive and begin threatening people?

Adam Lanza’s DNA to Be Analyzed

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., people want answers and some think they may be locked away in Adam Lanza’s genes.

Three People Dead, One Injured In Mall Shooting

Another senseless act of violence leaves us wondering why.

Women and Sex Work

Suburban wife, mother, and sex worker Elle Lynn Stanger talks about the women and men who make and use porn.

Why She Bought a Gun

After domestic violence ends in a murder-suicide on the police station steps, some women begin to protect themselves and their loved ones with deadly force.

PB&J and the Culture War: Caught in the Crossfire

A Portland-area teacher has an angry internet in fits after supposedly comparing peanut butter and jelly to ‘white privilege’. It’s time for America to wake up to the fact PB&Js aren’t all that good in the first place.

White Out

Aaron Gilbreath finds himself driving too fast through a fog that forms in seconds.

A Thousand Boomers’ Kids and World Domination

Ken Solin reports from Portland’s notorious World Domination Summit, and finds the future… hopeful.