Trying to Figure Out the Gender of a Stranger? Follow These Handy Instructions!

don't know a stranger's gender

One of those memes that we hope will go megaviral.

Men In Their Girlfriends’ Clothes


A photographic series by Jon Uriarte looks at gender roles and finds a surprising intimacy.

How Do Men See Themselves?

men's body image, Homer Simpson, body dysmorphia, how we appear, man in the mirror, am I hot

Dove asks women a question that men should be asking, too.



Guy in the Bottom Right Corner

Guy in the Bottom Right Corner

The Meaning of ‘Dad’


What does “Dad” mean to you? Ron Cowie asks eight men.

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Man of the Day: Ben Schumaker

courtesy of Ben Schumaker

Ben Schumaker can do a hundred pushups and once beat up a machete-wielding thief. But it’s his art initiative, the Memory Project, that makes him our Man of the Day.