7 Tips For When Stress Drives You ‘Out Of Your Mind’

You’ll feel better! I promise.

11 Questions I Asked Myself During My First STD Scare


Aircraft Emissions in Europe Predicted to Rise by More Than 40%

This is a positive step as it shows the aviation industry is taking their responsibility seriously and is playing their part in fighting climate change.

This is How to Recapture Your Energy

When life gets to you, it is time to get back your groove.

5 Ways to Give: How We Can Be Difference Makers

Giving cultivates a beautiful attitude, it does not have to be the starting place of a beautiful attitude. For various reasons, much like many of you reading this, I found it difficult to enjoy the holiday season for many years. I struggled with depression, anger, bitterness, and a host of other nasty emotions. In October 2015, I left […]

All Hail Kale!

View image | gettyimages.com   Theresa Byrne learned that not only is the green stuff good for powering your body, it’s also good for improving your mood. — Kale is kind of a big deal lately. Have you noticed? Kale. Kale. Kale. We’re not really a foodie online magazine, and we don’t often “do” recipes but my belief […]

6 Tips for Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in a Self-Absorbed World

Entitling confidence, love, and empathy are just some of the ways to make your kids more conscious of the world, others, and less self absorbed.

4 Amazing Ways Loving Your Partner Actually Changes You

Are you better? Or worse? Science explains.

The Dragon Called “Politics” and the Scabbard of Sincerity

Vaughn Granier on how to transform a workplace full of the negative politics into one with positive.

The Timeless Art of Ranting and How to Give It Up

When an event or person does something upsetting, there is a natural tendency to want to rant. Joe Rutland talks about this pattern of behavior and a possible solution.

9 Things I Learned From Robin Williams

Kyle Ingham once ran into Robin Williams at a restaurant. Here, he remembers the actor and shares the lessons he took from his life.

Do You Really Have an Influence On Your Kids?

You may think you know the answer, but Mike Crider suggests the answer may not be as compelling as we think.

“It is totally okay for men have close, loving relationships with other guys.”

This is a comment by Miguel on the post “Close Male Friendship Appreciation”.