Sneaky Ways Racism Persists

Really they aren’t so sneaky if you’re looking for them, but most of us don’t want to see what’s there.

Surviving Parenting in the 21st Century – Guiding Millennials in a Post-Racial and Anti-Religious Society

Rufus and Jenny Triplett, authors of Surviving Parenting in the 21st Century, reflect on the standards they set in raising their sons as black and Muslim men.

Staying Alive in “Post-Racial America”

Thaddeus Howze shouldn’t have to share these 10 tips on how to stay alive as a man of color.

Idris Elba As A Post-Racial James Bond? Not So Fast

Let’s not ignore the fact that the original James Bonds wasn’t just white. He was a white supremacist.

What Can Be Learned from Donald Sterling and Mark Cuban?

Edmund Adjapong shares how although many Americans choose to believe that we are currently a part of a post-racial society, the comments made by Donald Sterling is a reminder that little has changed.

Racism: Alive and Well on Social Networks

Logan Smith reminds us, “Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to the societal consequences that speech may provoke.”

Post-Racial America? Think Again: The Racist Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker

We talk a lot about the dream of a post-race America, but a bumper sticker reading “Don’t Re-Nig In 2012” proves we’ve got a long way to go.