Vomit. Sorry.

Aaron W. Voyles reminisces about the impact of debauchery on his freshman hall.

Dear John: Daughter’s Nude Photos Not Welcome in Family Album

A daughter’s photography choices, a friend who wants credit for an idea, and a boyfriend who lied about a pot pipe.

Should You Treat Anxiety With Marijuana?

The good, the bad, and the ugly with weed and mental illness.

Dear John: Divorce May End The Marriage But Not The Problems

A shallow and abusive husband shares custody, a friend’s terrible paint job, and a husband unsure about his kids seeing him smoke pot.

“If we found a way to remove addiction, would we be altering human behavior that we might find out later to be a core element of our humanity?”

This is a comment by Thaddeus Howze on the post “What Marijuana Means to Me”.

“When any substance, illegal or not, grabs one’s soul, that person is just a statistic-in-waiting; not much humanity left.”

This comment is from Paul Winkler to the author of the post about her brother, “What Marijuana Means to Me”.

Dear John: Boyfriend’s Sexy Talk A Total Turnoff

A guy saying suggestive things in front of her son, a coworker who got mailed pot, and a couple on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Understanding Marijuana

Dr. John Douillard examines the cultural and psychological effects of long term marijuana use.

Marijuana: 4/20

What does marijuana mean to you?

Denver Gets Its First Legal Marijuana Club

Club 64: They can’t sell it, but bring your own and you can smoke and socialize. Is this the future of pot in America?

Dear John: Going From One Bad Relationship To Another

Dear John addresses a bad rebound, a friend who wants a pot-head to get a “real job”, and a cute landlord.

Should Christians Smoke Marijuana?

“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” –Barack Obama

Pass it to the left…

No child should have to hear her parent say, “Yo, bring me my bong.” Last night Drama Queen and I were in the car with my neighbor.  We we’re heading towards home around 8:15 when the neighbor suddenly blurted, “Let’s stop at Johnny’s on the way home and get a couple of slices.” I paused […]