Orlando Weeps

There are so many questions and not enough answers. Orlando is in pain.

The Small but not Insignificant Privilege of Being Poor

Reflecting on the privileges of attending an Ivy League school as a student born into poverty.

The Immoral Use of ‘Christian Morality’

For years politicians have used “moral issues” to distract, derail & divide the American public from addressing the real problems we need to face.

Contraception and Little Sisters Carrying a Big Stick

What is the best way to protect young people, establish and preserve strong families and communities, rise from poverty, and ensure the preservation of humanity?

EZ Times 3 : Why He Did His Taxes Three Times Over

How seriously do we Americans take tax preparation?

Why We Still Need to Talk About Race and Privilege

Why I gotta bring up old sh*t like race?

Corporations Own America!

When is enough, enough?

Money Is Not The Capital Needed To Address Poverty. What is?

It takes money to make money, right?

What if Times Don’t Get Better Than This?

Shinobi Ninja asks “what if time’s don’t get no better than this?” But the infectious music seems to insist they will. We will make it so.

The Shock of My Life… 2016 in the U.S.A.

After living in Peru for nearly a decade, Jim Killon was shocked to discover the excess lifestyle he encountered in the U.S.

Homeless In Fight For Their Survival

Those who do find housing will pay almost half of their income on rent in many areas across the country.

Baltimore: Police Violence Increases as Jobs Decrease

As long as private individuals can horde billions through exploitation and inheritance, they will direct the police to do whatever it takes to protect their wealth.

African American History Month, 2016

Revolutionaries must fight every instance of racism with the understanding that this fight is part of the effort to unite.

The Remedy for Social Inequality Starts at Home

We can no longer ignore or downplay the ripple effect of broken families.

Basic Income for all Could Lift Millions out of Poverty

A basic income may distribute the peanuts a little more fairly.

Poverty, Aid and Not Begrudging People That Need Help

Yes, there are some people who abuse the system. Of course there are. There are also rich people who abuse the tax system. Before anyone goes pointing fingers, just remember, abuse is not limited to the poor.