Are you REALLY Pro-Life?

Most people who identify as pro-life are only pro-baby. The responsibility is a much bigger commitment than simply holding a sign.

Sure, You Have Money, But Do You Have A Life?

Sometimes, getting ahead means falling behind in your relationship. Steven Lake examines the choice between Lifestyle and Money. Or is it a choice?

Pope Francis: A New Masculinity

What are Pope Francis’ beliefs about masculinity?

Call for Submissions: Young Male Poverty

Data suggests that 1 in 5 American young adults, ages 18-34, are living in poverty. We’re looking for stories about the experiences of these millennials.

Acts of Loving Kindness and Profound Cruelty

As thousands of refugees attempt to flee the carnage and destruction over the course of the wars and poverty of the middle east, many countries have stepped up to assist. Unfortunately, there are simply too many refugees for these countries to absorb on their own.

A Letter to the World on Behalf of Everybody’s Child

Jeremy McKeen writes a timely letter to the world on behalf of his latest child and urges every parent to accept her as their own. We need to listen to him.

America’s Rising Class of the Vehicular Homeless

Call them homeless or “home free,” more folks, mostly men, are making the choice to live out of their cars.

How to Leave Victimhood Behind

It doesn’t really matter whether life is fair or not, it’s your life and you can choose not to be a victim.

Seven Beers and a Pension: Financial Freedom for the Rest of Us

Between bringing home the bacon and winning the bread, financial burdens can be enough to unmake anyone’s sandwich. Jeremy McKeen invests heavily concerning the death of the last salesman.

Happy Belated Father’s Day, Mom

After the death of his father, Brian Gawlak reflects on the father his single mother chose to be. — Last year was my first father’s day since my biological father passed away. I spent the day mourning less the loss of the human being whom I had little connection to, but more the loss of […]

The Truth About Africa

College student Katriona Morgan discusses what she learned about Africa during her time in Ghana.

Keeping Them Poor: The Minimum Wage Debate

Shawn Henfling tells the story of what made him finally understand the problem with current minimum wage laws.

Climate Change Extra Complication in Poverty Fight

As the impact of climate change worsens, Dr. Anthony Horton explains why it’s going to become harder to stop poverty.

Poverty and the Environment: More Connected Than You Realize?

Exploring the intersection between poverty, the environment, and climate change.

Money And Relationship: Navigating Dangerous Waters

When you have money problems, you are going to have relationship problems – count on it.

How to Identify Someone’s Class Origin in Less than 30 Seconds

The spiritual victory of middle-class values in North America has been nothing short of astounding. Even the ultra-rich Bill Gates drives a sensible car and walks around in khakis.