Basic Income for all Could Lift Millions out of Poverty

A basic income may distribute the peanuts a little more fairly.

Poverty, Aid and Not Begrudging People That Need Help

Yes, there are some people who abuse the system. Of course there are. There are also rich people who abuse the tax system. Before anyone goes pointing fingers, just remember, abuse is not limited to the poor.

Outer Space

Matthew Lippman uses an innovative trope to reflect on poverty, homelessness, and a middle class man’s fraught relationship with these categories.

Santa Don’t Come to the Hood No Mo’

Saliek Ruffin examines childhood disappointment and the startling realization that he’s become his mom…

Why the Potential of White Boys from Poor Homes is Hit by Double Disadvantage

What no one is talking about: the struggles of white boys.

Would You Idolize a Janitor?

What makes a person great? Tommy Raskin opens up a discussion on the treatment of our fellow man.

Rape, Riots, and Rotten Food—Relearning Life Behind Bars

You can’t pick us out of a crowd. Because we’re just like you.

Quitting (Poverty) Porn

When advertisers show us only the poor in far-away countries, are they being objectified? How should we respond?

I Come From South Central

Welcome to my block. Would you like to take a walk with me?

Beauty, Money, & America

Cameron Russell’s TEDTalk is the paramount of authenticity and a remarkable deconstruction of one of the myths upon which America was founded.

Keynesian Economics and Neoliberalism: The Debate Rages

Don’t let the promises of neoliberalism’s “freedom” seduce you into inaction.

It’s Tough To Be a Man, Especially at 14

Sometimes kids can surprise you in the most hopeful ways.

Learning a Different Way

There are tangible ways we can help children learn. Ken Goldstein, on a group that is changing the dynamic of at-risk kids in schools.

Popes and Presidents

Patrick Paglen discusses the latest controversy over Pope Francis.

It’s Not a Lack of Self-control That Keeps People Poor

People in poverty find their choices are much more a product of their situation, rather than a lack of self-control. The limits imposed on their ability to “get out” are real and often insurmountable.

Are you REALLY Pro-Life?

Most people who identify as pro-life are only pro-baby. The responsibility is a much bigger commitment than simply holding a sign.