Comment of the Day: ‘Labor doesn’t dream of power. They dream of a rest from labor. And those in power know how to sell that dream really well.’

Lisa Duggan connects up the big news stories of the week

Why A Man Should Train His Mind Like He Trains His Body

Hugo Toovey has faced some tough life challenges, and he has done so like a mental athlete. He shares his perspective.

10 Tips for the Divorced Man to Gain and Maintain the Thriving Mentality

Are you growing or declining? The thriving choice is all yours. Bill Douglas gives you 10 tips on how to do it and how to keep it going.

I AM: Ten Traits of the Uncommon Breed

10 traits of those who have moved to a new spiritual order.

The Root of Masculine Power

Do you have the confidence to follow through with your decisions?

Powerful Psychological Forces That Make Good People Do Bad Things

Dr. Travis Bradberry explores the underlying psychology of bad behavior by good people.

My Wife Becomes A Mirror And I See Myself

Steven Lake sees himself through his wife’s eyes, and it’s not a pretty picture — it’s hysterical.

Vote or No Vote, Macedonia is Screwed

Macedonia doesn’t get to vote in the election. But they’re still greatly affected by it.

The Wrong Way to Confront Rape Culture

Rolling Stone’s now infamous article “A Rape on Campus” inspired a new program at the University of Virginia to help end campus rape. Unfortunately, it’s not likely to work.

The Most Important Words a Man Can Speak

Words have the power to tell stories, make connections, and elicit emotions. What do these words mean to you?

How a Prison Education Saved me From a Lifetime Behind Bars

Education has the power to transform, and it’s time we put that power to work.

Behind the Voices: The Power of Social Media in the World of Disability

How can social media impact the voices of the disabled community? A group of disability advocates take to Twitter to make their mark.

Adopting Smart Urban Growth Could Save the US $200 Billion Each Year

How can we focus on decreasing private vehicle use and establish transport systems that scale up public transportation?

How Movies Move You: The Power of a Story

Spotlight illuminates the unique power of journalism to expose societal scandals.

Four Cognitive Biases That Undermine Compassion

Confirmation bias nudges us to avoid people with opposing views, but engaging with them can make us more compassionate.

10 Ways to Empower Yourself

You don’t need a book, life coach, mastermind group, or motivational retreat to get yourself going. The power to thrive is already inside you.