The J Word

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Susie and Otto Collins break down one of the most toxic things to your sex life and relationship

A Sex Addict Reviews ‘Thanks For Sharing.’


Don Q. knows first hand what it’s like to be in recovery for sex addiction. And he’d like to thank the movie “Thanks for Sharing” for getting so much of it right.

“I feel a helplessness as a dad, I want to protect my son, shield him from the negative aspects in life, but I can’t.”

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This comment of the day is from Tom Brechlin on the post Facing Powerlessnes.

Facing Powerlessness


Steve Milan talks about the single thing he hears most often as a therapist.

The Mayor of the Locker Room [Fiction]

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“His position is unofficial and unpaid, but nevertheless he takes the post seriously.” Fiction from Max Ross.

Guess Who Created Your Little Bully?

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Lisa Dixon-Wells, bullying prevention expert, on bullying behavior: how it starts, where it leads, how to stop it.

A Man Ought to Know How to Handle Something Like This


Bullying doesn’t always stop when childhood ends.

He Who Laughs Last: Ending the Cycle of Male Abuse


For comedian Billy Batz, Male Abuse Awareness Week is personal.

Addiction: 9/1


Guest editor Nick Florest wants your stories of addiction.

“Younghood is not freedom. Instead, give adulthood a shot. It’s easy. Just be honest and real.”


This is a comment by Jordan on the post “Why I Refuse to Turn 30”.

Into Each Life … A Little Rain


Overcoming adversity and picking up lost dreams are an important part of healing.

Fear and Trembling at the University of Pittsburgh


There have been 45 bomb threats received at the University of Pittsburgh since mid-February. Why should people outside of the campus community care?

The Power of Being Powerless


Why dignity is more important than the one intangible commodity men trade most

The Twelve Steps for Dummies


An anonymous alcoholic’s guide to the wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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