Unforgettable Video: One Girl, Two Men and a Global Movement for Water


A crazily inspiring 3 minute reminder–we all drink from one global well, we are made of water and a countdown to 3pm, March 22, 2014.

Dude, You Want to Run That Creed By Me Again?

creed, oath, pledge, swear, fraternity, boy scouts, Pledge of Allegiance, military creed, Boy Scout Oath, prayer

Saying your creed is one thing. Meaning it is another.

A Prayer For Beyonce, Dedicated To Philip Seymour Hoffman


Jacob Max Winkler sees how celebrity worship leaves the human connection out of the equation. It’s time to change the way we love our stars.

Soul Bites: Kindness is the Answer to Confusion

kindness is like snow photo by lel4nd

If any disciple will simply practice kindness, he will soon attain Supreme Perfect Enlightenment.
–Diamond Sutra

Talking to Dog

man and dog2

Dave Karpel wonders how is it that talking to his dogs is easier than talking to God?

How to Channel the Infinite with the Help of a Saint


Jacob Winkler has found that this one medieval prayer has many modern uses.

“Do-less”—a Word That Needs To Be in Your Vocabulary


The Rev. Neil O’Farrell prays that good boys become good men

A Mystic’s Guide to Deep Happiness & Inner Guidance


For Jacob Winkler, written prayer can be a powerful emotional reset button, ushering in focus, compassion and even bliss.

5 Ways for Men to Take it Easy and Stress Out Less

relaxed man

Joe Rutland shares his antidotes to perfectionism, workaholism and the money grind.

Why Honest Faith Requires Honest Doubt


How do you deal with doubt in your own spiritual journey?

Syria: An Atheist’s Prayer

Syrian Boy Trocaire 2013_09_15

As the international community debates, an atheist resolves to take action.

A Shot in the Light: A True Story


One night on the way to L.A. from Vegas, Lion Goodman had a brush with death when he heard an explosion and realized he was bleeding.

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Great Fathers’ Day Gift Idea: New Book on Men and Prayer


Do men pray? Should they?

Visions: 6/22

mind's eye, visions, dreams, hallucinations, psychedelics, trance, rave, meditation, prayer

An examination of the ways that what you see in your mind’s eye influences your life.

Who Is Greater?

peace, absalom aleichem, world peace, Islam, Muslim Americans, Muslim American boys, Tsarnaev brothers, Boston bombing, American culture

What makes someone like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev vulnerable to radicalization? A Muslim American parent of two young men asks a question that strikes close to home.

Cousins Talk God


Why do boys sometimes have an easier time being direct about the tough questions than grown men?