Spiritual Fitness Tips for 2016

Chris Forte on how to start the new year in the most optimal way for body and spirit.

Why I Stopped Hating the Church

When Steve Austin was sexually abused as a little boy, his parents told no one, and turned to prayer. For years he railed at this injustice and others he found in the church. Finally, he made peace with what he learned from his faith, and forgave what he did not get.

Love Over Fear In Times of War, Violence and Terrorism

Chris and Jon discuss how men can replace their fear with love, which is especially important in a time when the news is filled with stories of war, violence, and terrorism.

I am Grateful an NFL Tribute Gave Me a Wake-Up Call to Fight Against Evil

Matt Sweetwood was not expecting to make a life commitment as he watched his favorite sport, but he did. Here is how it happened, and why he wants you to make one too. Especially at Thanksgiving.

Johnny Cash Ushers In Thanksgiving With a Prayer

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States. We thought we would start the day with some old fashioned heart. And the voice of Johnny Cash.

What Can Prayer Do For You?

When his world was crumbling and darkness was knocking at his door he turned to an ancient practice for help.

Love Able: The Key To Your Relationship Success

Dr. Steve dissects the mysteries of how to be love able. It is easier, and harder, than you think.


When George Hodgman was a boy, he and his mother ended the day holding hands and praying. Not just for themselves, but for all the people in their tiny Missouri town.

Separation Between Church and Sport?

We see religion and sports converge time and time again. But should they really go hand-in-hand?

Call for Submissions: Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

Back Pain, Stress, and Prayer: A New Perspective on Healing

Cynthia Barnett explores the idea of prayer for healing back pain.

Day 0

Margaret Rhee elegizes the Gaza dead in a prose poem of remarkable tenderness. Blending the personal and political, she questions “The difference between wound and womb…Palestinian and Israeli…You and me.”

Jealous Worship

Dr. Jana Craft has been inspired by a fellow parishioner; his worship has stirred her heart (and made her a bit jealous, too).

A Practice For All People

Jacob Max Winkler has been writing his own prayers for years. He recommends the practice highly.

Unforgettable Video: One Girl, Two Men and a Global Movement for Water

A crazily inspiring 3 minute reminder–we all drink from one global well, we are made of water and a countdown to 3pm, March 22, 2014.

Dude, You Want to Run That Creed By Me Again?

Saying your creed is one thing. Meaning it is another.