Letting It Be


Fear and uncertainty will always be present in our lives says David Packman. Here he shares his story of finding the courage and acceptance to let go.

Finding Life on the Farm: Our Surrogacy Journey


Having another child seemed like a lost cause for Brian Rutter and his wife. They found a solution, and it might surprise you.

What’s In a Name? Everything…


Al DeLuise revisits the process of naming his children, and the importance of names.

A Story You’ll Never Forget


Bob Marrow’s grandmother saved a girl’s unwanted child, only to learn of its tragic death.

Open Letter to Mila Kunis: A Response to Taking the “We” Out of Pregnancy

Mila Kunis on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Paul Denkenberger suggests how excluding men from pregnancy can hurt both mothers and fathers.

Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend

teddy meets best friend

This teddy bear just won the internet’s heart.

How to be a Modern Dad in 5 Easy-to-Follow Rules


To be an engaged and present parent, Tsach Gilboa offers five simple guidelines to live by.

Are Women Better Parents? Science Says Both Sexes Have Equal Parental Instincts


Stephanie Hayes says it’s time to give both mom and dad equal credit when it comes to parental intuition.

A Father’s Grace: What It’s Like for a First-Time Father to Witness a Home Birth

A Father’s Grace: What It’s Like for a First-Time Father to Witness a Home Birth

Fiachra O’Sullivan offers an authentic account of his experience as a first-time dad being present for his partner’s labor and his daughter’s home birth.

Buff-Baby-Daddy Boot Camp: Empowering Expectant Fathers in a World Without Sabre-Toothed Tigers

Buff-Baby-Daddy Boot Camp

Robert Lore was in awe of the physical exertion he watched his wife endure every day during her pregnancy, so he embarked on his own fitness challenge to prepare his mind and body for becoming a dad.

You’re Gonna be a Grandpa (Video)


This is one of the most touching pregnancy reveals we have seen, maybe ever!

10 Things Young Fathers Should Say to Themselves and why it Matters

1Young Father Stock

Andre Dandridge, Founder of NewYoungFathers.com, gives advice to young men with new families.

It Takes Two: How to Support Your Wife When Trying to Conceive

pregnant-mahalie stackpole-flickr

It isn’t just about getting the timing right. It’s about deepening your commitment, making big changes to your lifestyle for those you love, and letting your relationship’s past nurture its future.

Sunday Night in My Thirties


Thom Ingram reflects on the pressure some of us face to have children.

What the Heck Is a Doula and Why Do We Need One?

What the Heck Is a Doula and Why Do We Need One?

Scott Posey was skeptical about involving a doula in the birth of his first child, but soon realized that the doula was an invaluable resource for both him and his wife

Sex Education, Please

young couple

The worst case scenario of a poor sex education is not an unhealthy sexual identity. It’s the unplanned birth of a child.