Why Marriage is Like Purchasing a Used Car

The hard times are just a bump in the road.

A Lesson You Can’t Prepare For

And one day the seat was empty. JC Perez-Duthie on how he dealt with a loss of a student.

Getting Ready for Death

Why Steve Harper, a perfectly healthy guy, decided to have his will done.

On Being a Prepper: Disaster Preparedness and Moral Standards

Capt. William E. Simpson, well-known ‘prepper’, gives some examples of how the best prepared in an emergency situation or disaster have training, experience, and moral courage.

Man-to-Man with Author and Adventurer Jason Foux

“Jason Foux had an itch. And like any itch, it wasn’t going to leave him alone until it was scratched.” An interview by John Swartz.

What Would You Do if You Walked Into a Murder in Progress? (Video)

Two men put in hidden cameras in an elevator to see if people would help a man in a life or death situation. How would you react?

VIDEO: What Happens When Captain Kirk Tries to Deep Fry a Turkey

William Shatner dramatically retells his Thanksgiving cooking disasters and offers tips for people to stay safe when deep-frying their birds.

Heart of a Beginner

NFL Hall of Fame member, Andre Tippett, talks about how karate transformed his life and powered his athleticism.

Do Gay Men Make Better Bosses?

Does being an out gay man make you a more compassionate boss?

How Do You Prepare for the Loss of a Loved One?

You can’t, writes Mervyn Kaufman.

Guestpost #51: JP Davidson – Ten things I’ve learned from being a moderately successful podcaster

For over a year, JP Davidson has been creating I Like You (http://ilikeyoupodcast.com), a weekly podcast about love, like, dating, and the opposites of those things with his partner Elah Feder in Toronto. Bringing together true stories full of depth, humour, and heart, JP and Elah don’t just study love – they snuggle it into […]