Five Things Democrats Like Me Are Sick of Defending Obama On

In spite of all the excuses, as we look back on Obama’s presidency, let’s not forget the failures that he can make no excuses for.

History’s Take on Supreme Court Nominees

What two legal scholars learned from studying 70 years of Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Politics Ain’t Customer Service. The Voter’s NOT Always Right

Media personalities have been treating this electorate like a group of coddled, spoiled toddlers. News flash: Trump voters are WRONG.

An Appeal to African Americans From A Bernie Sanders Supporter!

I’m a middle class, white guy!

What Will the Historians Say About Obama’s Legacy?

President Obama will clearly hold a place in the history books. But what will be the verdict on his legacy?

Hey, Right Wing Guys: President Obama is Not the Problem. It’s Your Mindset

The fact is that since the dawn of the republic, we have always been a politically fractured nation.

One Thing Every Candidate is Missing When Discussing National Security

“If we don’t address this vital ingredient in a national security strategy, our ruthless, many-headed terrorist enemies will find our country to be easy prey.”

Guns, Biden, and the New BFD Moment in America

President Obama and Vice President Biden spoke directly to the American people this week about the realities and rhetoric surrounding the conversation about guns and the Second Amendment.

The New Education Law Won’t Improve Our Failing Schools

ESSA is a sad reminder that we are too often willing to keep the least privileged students trapped in a failing system.

Drown Out the Hate With Gratitude: #ThanksAMillionObama

Aja Barber believes it takes an incredible amount of bravery to be the first Black President, and she wants to say #ThanksAMillionObama

We Quarrel Over Names Because We Want to Feel Valued

It’s not political correctness gone wrong or an attack on freedom of speech. It’s a call-to-action to empower those on the margins to have an equal role in authoring our National and global story.

The Courage To Be Real

Marc Maron reminds us that being brilliant doesn’t mean copying others. Rather it means being the best version of who we are.


We welcome President Obama’s statement and stand with him in opposition to reparative therapy for minors, and call on everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to stand with us and put an end, once and for all, to this practice.

I Paid For This. Where’s My Seat?

Shawn Henfling discusses the disturbing but age-old trend of public funding for private sports venues.

Jim Crow Is Still America’s National Religion … But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Half a century after the civil rights movement removed most of the legal aspects of the Jim Crow regime the vast majority of religious people in America do not see fit to worship next to people of another race.

How President Obama Spoke To All of Us on the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

President Barack Obama spoke in Selma, AL on the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday. His words were about, and for, all us.