Money Talks And That Starts With Your Vote

Stop voting for politicians and start voting with your dollars.

Comment of the Day: ‘Make no Mistake. This is Serious’

It’s irresponsible at this point to dismiss Trump. Things could get all out-of-whack before this is over.

Don’t Confuse Fascist Nationalism for Patriotism

Politicians would rather blame poverty within our communities and low achievement in our schools on the “cultures” of those suffering from the inequities.

How Long Would Trump Last as a Presidential Candidate if He Were a Woman?

The truth is there are deep gender divides in our views of male and female. .

Trump: What We Get for Caring More About the Super Bowl than Politics

Trump is a maniac, but he might be exactly the maniac we need.

Why Bernie Will Win

We’ve all been screwed and we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What the Past has Convinced Me: Why Donald Trump Will Rule America

Movies can bring us to some startling realizations. It just so happens that this one has to do with the future of America.

Super Tuesday: 5 Things to Remember on Trump’s Big Night

What will Super Tuesday mean for the future of America?

Ted Cruz is a Duck Dynasty Fan. Is Anyone Really Surprised?

Ted Cruz Would Like To Make Phil Robertson A U.N. Ambassador, Praises Him For Speaking With “Joy”

‘Colorblindness’ is Denial

Having a black president does not mean our nation has overcome it’s issues with race.

Islam and the Vision of America’s Founding Fathers

What would the founding fathers think of Donald Trump?

Hey, Right Wing Guys: President Obama is Not the Problem. It’s Your Mindset

The fact is that since the dawn of the republic, we have always been a politically fractured nation.

El Niño For President

It seems to be human nature to look outside ourselves for the answers to our problems. Pray for rain. Do a rain dance. Hope for the best. California has been in a severe drought for more than four years. We can no longer hope it will work itself out. We must rise up and take steps in our lives to be the change that we wish to see. Or, we can hedge our bets with this mantra: El Niño for President!

US Democracy “Trumps” All as a Dysfunctional Disgrace

As the rest of the world looks upon America’s 2016 presidential race and what has become a disgrace of a democratic system, its bewilderment can be organized around a series of hows and whys.

Why Bernie Sanders May be the Youngest Presidential Candidate

And the most qualified.