April Call for Submissions: The Month of the Military Child

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Are you a military child with a story to tell? We want YOU!

If You Were a Dad Who Met Your Triplets for the First Time, You’d Roar With Pride Too.

Lion Cubs Meet Dad for First Time

The father’s name is Zawadi Mungu. At 500 pounds, he can pull a buffalo to the ground.

Late Spring, Dignity


In this sobering poem from Laura McCullough, we get a glimpse at wounded pride and its relationship to misogyny.

25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence


Our favorite lifestyle guru Leo Babauta returns with tips on how to develop self confidence

To Pay or Not to Pay: The College Dilemma


With college tuition skyrocketing, should parents have to pay for their children’s college education? Brandy Pettigrew explores the balance for between paying for her sons’ college and pride in achieving an education on their own.

I Drive the Speed Limit

To fight or to run....that is the question.

Uzi Peretz shares another experience of fighting with his ego, and doing his best not to let it win.

“How should a man handle himself when challenged?” Comment and Open Thread


This comment is by Sean, on the post Is Fighting a Part of Manhood

The Hidden Powers of Vulnerability


Chris Kyle learned early on that he better man up and sure as hell ‘Don’t cry!’ He learned later that vulnerability makes him stronger.

Fatherhood: It’s Not Brain Surgery (Except, Of Course, When It Is)


Steve Murray has two sons. And he has all the normal hopes and fears of any father. Plus a few extra.

I’m Wrong: Two of the Most Powerful Words I Know


Christian Coleman lived behind a facade of arrogance and deceit. And facing his own shortcomings did not come easy.

A Letter to Freddy, My Beautiful Six-Week-Old Son


Dan Mac is in his seventh week of fatherhood. And he’s captivated by all of it.

As a married adult I don’t care who thinks I’m gay.


This is a comment by Thomas Pluck on “Our Society’s Brutal Economic Message To Men Who Express Gender Differently: You’d Better Not…“

A Better Model of Male Sexuality in the World of Gay Pride

GMP Pride Picture

Gay Pride as a model of straight male sexual freedom.

My Secret Vice

golfing, confession, secret, vice, golf, sport, tee, teeing off, golf club, golf ball, golfer

Admitting you’re into golf…

The Rose Conundrum

play on words, games grandmothers play, favorite grandson

A word game ties young Andy Bodle to his grandmother—and a chance at TV quiz show greatness on Countdown.

The True Believer

Boston bombers, Boston Marathon, Tsarnaev brothers, psychology of intolerance, fanaticism

How do two guys come to believe, with absolute certainty, that murder is a moral necessity?