Capes and Tiaras: What You’re Really Teaching Your Children with Gendered Toys & Stories

The princess/superhero culture does more harm to your kids than you think.

Male Abusers: Damned and Desired

Andrew Smiler is stunned by how quickly we can go from expressing concern about domestic violence at the Grammy’s to idealizing it in 50 Shades.

A Dad Loses His Battle Against the Pink Princess Prison

Gilberto Lucero swore his beloved little girl would not succumb to the “pink princess prison.” She had other ideas.

Enabling Princesses: When Being a Good Daddy Goes Too Far

David Guba looks at a recent news story about an American fathering “claiming” a kingdom in Africa to make his daughter a princess and considers what lessons the father might be teaching his young heiress.

Challenging “Normal”: Why Non-Token Diversity in Kids’ Storytelling Is Important

Navdeep Singh Dhillon argues that, all too often in books, movies, and TV shows for children, non-white characters are only defined by their “otherness.”

The Importance of Male Self-Love

Jackson Bliss explains why the world is a better place when men love themselves

Talking to Your Daughter About Beauty

“I still remember the names of two girls my father identified as pretty in a fifth-grade class picture.”

The Subtle Backlash: It’s My Kid In a Box

Ariel Chesler is a dad who is worried about the ways in which kids’ toys are becoming more and more gendered.

Let’s Teach Boys About Airbrushing

Andrew Smiler argues that we can help everyone by teaching boys about the artificial beauty we see.

So You Want to Be a Princess

Bird seamstresses, prancing princes: Greg White on the pressure and woes of life on the fast track to happy ever after.

Raising a Son Within the Princess Culture

Is girl power bad for boys?

Open Thread: Can You Name More Than Two Modern Astronauts, Painters, Inventors, or Scientists?

Do we value celebrities and playboys more than poets, scientists, and inventors?

Princess Culture: 2/23

Is daddy’s princess brave and good?

6 Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princesses

Tom Burns, father of a princess-crazy little girls, suggests bedtime reading that will make both dad and daughter happy.

You’re Not Your Daughter’s Handsome Prince

Hugo Schwyzer explains how a dad who relies solely on emotional validation from his daughter (instead of his wife) might be causing unforeseen harm.

Men and the Sexualization of Young Girls

Encouraging princess culture—however innocently—contributes to the sexualization of girls. Men can be part of the solution to the “princess problem.”