A Five Year Old and Her Dad Had the Most Adorable Conversation about Princess Leia’s Slave Outfit Ever

What do you do when your young daughter proclaims her love for Princess Leia’s metallic slave bikini? You have it animated, of course…

What’s a Dad to Do When His Daughter Wants to Dress as Han Solo?

…put on a Princess Leia costume, of course.

Buying Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter

Tom Burns wonders what the hell is wrong with the manufacturers of children’s underwear.

Luke and Leia Had Sex

And I can prove it.

Daddy Issues With Darth Vader

In the hilarious world envisioned by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, Darth Vader has custody of little Luke. Yes, that’s correct, Darth Vader as a father, and all that entails. One of the quirkiest and funniest books to come along in a long time, Savas Abadsidis talked to Jeff about the book, fatherhood and his favorite Father’s Day Memory.