John Nash: A Reason To Hope

Dr. Nash was more than a mathematician. He was a symbol of hope for the hopeless.

Dear Tal Fortgang, Privilege Is Sort Of Like This

Patriarchy is like a game in which you can’t pick your own difficulty level.

Tal Fortgang, Privilege and Unintended Ironies

Community College instructor Gint Aras responds to Tal Fortgang’s dismissal of his white privilege.

The ABC’s of Getting Zs

Rannoch Donald is a firm believer in the benefits of sleep.

Bring on One and Done

Liam Day explains why the “one-and-done format” in the NCAA Tournament is the most exciting way for it to be done.

Education: Free College Classes From Princeton, Stanford & More Online At @Coursera

Not every college course from prestigious schools has to clear out bank accounts. We show you how.

“If you required that students never leave campus for four years and kept them under constant surveillance…”.

This comment is from That Guy on “Which is more expensive, prison or Princeton?” Some services are more expensive than others because of the nature of the service or the nature of the demand for services. Incarcerating people who are dangerous to society will generally be more expensive than teaching people who are there voluntarily […]

Are Ivy League Colleges Misrepresenting How Diverse They Really Are?

“The trouble with diversity … is not just that it won’t solve the problem of economic inequality. It’s that it makes it hard for us to even see the problem.”

Employment Ad Language Perpetuates Gender Divide

A new study indicates that job postings can unintentionally suggest whether positions are typically held by men or women

The 10 at 10

You need to sleep more, breakfast beer is a bad idea, and Tennessee is really happy.