5 Myths About Your Purpose That Make Living It So Confusing

The word Purpose itself feels a little bit personal and it’s become one of those mysterious buzzwords that sells a lot of books in airports. It can feel embarrassing if you don’t “know” your purpose, so most people just don’t talk about it.

How a Chainsaw Made Me a Better Man

Awarding “Man Points” for stereotypically masculine actions is misleading and can be damaging. But I love how that chainsaw helped me grow.

Four Vital Lessons That We Need to Teach Young Men

Brendan Malone wants to help fix the ‘Rōnin’ generation – young men who lack a sense of direction and purpose because of the loss of authentic masculine identity. Here’s how.

Noblesse Oblige = Being an Exceptional Human

Tsach Gilboa looks at the idea of noble behavior in the context of the shenanigans in Washington, but more importantly, with the context of greater humanity.

How Cheap Physical Courage

Risking injury for money is one kind of brave. Liam Day argues that it’s less brave than refusing to.

Barney Frank: The Last Good Man Leaves Congress

New York Magazine’s interview with retiring Congressman Barney Frank is the most fun interview you will read today.

That Time I Couldn’t Compromise My Principles

“My need for a community subsided as my backbone for being a man grew stronger. It was clear that in spite of losing my friends and my dream I had something I never had before: my voice.”