My Father, My Blessing

My father is always there, encouraging me, motivating me, showing me what it means to be a good parent.


I have grown up without the father I’ve always needed.

‘I Don’t Need Help’

My mom’s fiancé falls to his knees, slowly picks me up and places me back onto my bed. My knee shakes uncontrollably.

Still, I Feel Blessed

“Illegal immigrants,” is what we children who are full of dreams are called.

Hadn’t Expected That

I come from where violence is the answer to everything.

Navigating from 17

From birth to now, family life can be rough waters to sail.

She Had no Clue Father Would Say ‘Sorry’, Could She Forgive Him?

Maybe one day she will understand why her dad is an alcoholic.

Can a Man Outgrow His Crimes?

Randy Chavez’s life changed in just Three Decembers and a June

My Father, My Homeboy

“You want to work day and night? It’s not easy. Take this chance that you have. Don’t be dumb.”

My Life, So Far

Randy Chavez hopes that his best years are still ahead.

The Listener

All I do is listen, and I’m not sure why.

Are We the Same?

This story evolved out of a real text conversation between Venice High POPS the Club graduate Anthony Cortez and Tyanni Gomez, Venice High senior and POPS the Club President.

I Don’t Need Him

18 Reasons why Nelvia Marin does not need these men in her life

Sammy Come Home

Tracking the years of her brothers criminal career.

My Parents

Ia’leah Cain saw her father die right in front of her and her life became a prison

As the Years Go by

I’m not supposed to be up this late, but Daddy’s too loud.