Was I an Athlete Headed to Vegas or a Juvenile Headed to Jail?

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I was a sixteen-year-old kid looking forward to celebrating his seventeenth birthday later that week.

I am a Soldier in this Cold World


Alberto Hernandez and other young men in Mid City, LA can’t escape the reality of trauma and race.

Alcohol, Guns, and Death: Trying to Become a Man


Randy Chavez explains how three critical years in his life have lead him to some promises.

Why it Makes Sense to Reopen Access to Pell Grants for Prisoners


Repeated evaluations have shown men and women who attend college in prison don’t return to prison.

Looking Back When Your Neck Doesn’t Agree


John Rodriguez shares some boyhood memories where he felt stuck.

Is He Useless, or Can He Change?


Leo Cruz is facing the future, and he is not sure where, who, or how he will be able to change.

Counting Down Backward on the Ladder to Manhood


17-year-old Anthony Cortez looks back on the ways he thought he was becoming a man.

Dad’s Last Day


Jackie Sanchez faces her father’s alcoholism.

My Prison Part II


Tyanni Gomez revisits the theme of prison and pain. Is there a chance for release?

Nowhere but Barstow and Prison


A small, Jewish woman and a sturdy black man over six feet tall have a lot in common, “human beings must rescue themselves.”

My Uncle’s DUI


Alejandra Ruiz is concerned for her father in the face of an uncles DUI.

He’s Never Coming Back


Counting the years back shows the track to the border of familial seperation

I am the Fetus of an Affair


Elia Espinosa confronts herself about the man who provided the other half of her genetic material.

Who Signs Up For Gladiator School?


Former private prison worker blows the whistle on abuse

Food Truck Serves Up Social Justice


Former Rikers Island incarcerated men are driving change with food

How Private Prisons Make Visitation Difficult


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