The Ray Jasper Conundrum: A Death Row Inmate Who Is both 100% Right and 100% Wrong

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Lincoln Anthony Blades explains how even a man who did a horrible thing can be right about the horrors of our prison-industrial system.

The Joy of Affluenza: Privilege, Race, and the Ethan Couch Case

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Michael Amity delves into privilege–a mammoth, undermentioned topic that he feels is an institutional inequity supporter.

Cruel & Unusual in Cresson, Pennsylvania


The terrible reason why one sleepy old rail town has made national news.

Caught in the Crossfire: A Pulitzer Prize & Emmy Award-Winning Presentation


LA Times editors told Barbara Davidson that “Gang violence isn’t news – it happens all the time.” She responded the only way she knows how.

Adidas ‘Shackle Shoes’: Racist, Ignorant or Both?

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What would you think if you saw a man wearing basketball shoes that featured gold-colored ankle chains?